For those of you who dated outside of your race, have you ever had your moments when that made you think that?

this is definitely a interracial relationship? Not necessarily in a bad way. Just as an example, did you try some new foods from their culture or did they listen to music from yours?

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    7 years ago
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    I'm Canadian and my boyfriend is from Bangladesh. I've tried his food, listened to the music he likes, and I'm even learning some of his language. We live together now and eat so much spicy food. I'm also taking him on a trip around Canada next summer because he's only seen two provinces :)

  • 7 years ago

    Most of who I've dated has been outside my race as I'm white and work abroad. I never really think of it as an interracial relationship unless mentioned and then yah sure it is. But whatever. Yes I've tried foods from their culture but I've also tried foods from many cultures all across the world so nothing special for me. And her culture listens to American Music anyways for the most part so same music except as old school I like some much older music then her (heavy metal, some classical rock) while she listens to generally love songs (the culture again).

    I'm American while she's Asian.

    I will add though as far as I'm concerned interracial relationships are no problem as long as the cultures and values coincide. The issue is when those cultures and values don't coincide that its not such a great idea.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Not in a long while. Maybe when I was in college, and I first started dating women other than black. Not now though. I have a lot of white friends, and I'm totally comfortable.

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