Boy troubles... Help?

Okay here it goes. There's this guy, let's call him Jon. Jon is the most wonderful guy I can ever ask for. He's sweet, kind, funny, and he likes everything I like. Sherlock, Doctor Who, Lord of the rings, and so much more! It's like were the same person! I really like him! But the thing is, I don't know why, but something inside of me won't date him. In my eyes he's the most perfect human being on earth. But in my head he's not the right guy to date.. I've thought about it, and Im pretty sure the thing inside me that says no, is the thought of my friends. My friends aren't very fond of jon. I don't know why. And I guess if they dont like him, I don't WANT to like him... What should I do?!? I dont want to hurt him...

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  • 7 years ago
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    you shouldn't let your friends influence your love life- that could only hurt him worse. This guy seems great! maybe you should talk to him and explain your position to avoid hurting him. If he's alright with it, maybe go on a few "trial dates". But if you feel like this about him, it'll be worth it.

    Good Luck

    Source(s): My boyfriend and I have exactly what you described in the first few sentences of your question. And all of my friends mocked me for liking him which made me not want to date him. but I realized it was being stupid and wasn't fair to him so I gave it a go and I couldn't be happier!
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