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My little brother basically ruined my first kiss?

Im 15 and my brother is 4. Me and my boyfriend were on the couch and we started a kiss (my first), but then my brother comes running in and screams to the heavens that we were kissing. My mom was in the other room and came in to see what he was screaming about and saw us. It got so awkward that my boyfriend just left. So yea. My brother ruined the whole thing. After my boyfriend left i started screaming at him and he started crying. I just went up to my room and here i am. How do i get over this?


The problem is how do i get over this without wanting to kill my brother

Update 2:

No my mom isnt the problem. She thought it was "so cute" blah blah blah

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    you go to your littel rother and apologize and tell him you love him anyway

    you go to your mom and tell her you're sorry that things got too steamy and that your BF is really trustworthy

    and you are too

    you seem to be missing the point that you were acting a little rashly having that kind of encounter in your house

    isn't that what parks are for>? and cars? and movies?

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    I totally get that you are mad; however, after you cool off, try to get down on a 4 year olds level. He doesn't mentally have the reasoning to know how upsetting it would be to you if he made a big deal over your kiss. Maybe he was frightened in his little mind to see you kissing your boyfriend. There is no telling what was going through his little mind.

    Seriously, try to find the humor in it. Just think- he will be 15 one day too- you can tell his girlfriends cute but embarrassing stories about him.

    If your boyfriend is a good guy, he will find the humor in it as well. You should both laugh about it together, and save the kissing for another time (say- when little brother isn't around). It sounds kike your little brither loves you very much (yelling that you were kissing and crying that you fussed at him). tell him you are sorry and give him some love. Best wishes!

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    Your brother was acting like any four year old would. You on the other hand, need to apologize to your brother for berating him to the point he cried. You say that your boyfriend was put in an awkward situation -what about your mother? She trusted you two to be in the same room together without doing something to make her check in.

    There will be other kisses. Take some responsibility for your actions and apologize to both your mom and brother.

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    Your brother is just a little kid.He had no idea he was ruining anything but was just being a 4 year old. Maybe you should not have been kissing on your couch but waited until you guys were alone anyway.

    Your first kiss is usually dumb anyway and in a while you won't care. Next time you see your boyfriend and you are alone tell him you are sorry your little brother messed up your first kiss and you would like another one please ! He should like that .

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    He' s a child his your brother seriously girl there are gonna be plenty of other guys in your life and if your bf don't wanna be your first kiss his loss. another guy will come along soon enough. First kisses arent always perfect with the right mood and setting it may be the most embarrassing first kiss so forgive your brother his a child be the mature one forgive and forget. :)

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    Trust me this will be forgotten in a month. Your boyfriend probably feels the same and maybe feels stupid and might think its his fault. Kiss him again so he knows its ok

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    He is just being a kid. don't cry, you will have another chance for a kiss.

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    So what exactly is the problem?

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