Is it really bad to be weird or being out of the ordinary?

I was arguing with my mother about weird, abnormal and unordinary. I told her that I believe if Beethoven wasn't deaf, he never would have made all of his beautiful music, if Einstein wasn't suffering from dyslexia, he never would have discovered relativity and all those famous people who had one disability or another, they never would have been the famous people that they are now.

I wonder what do people think about that?

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    7 years ago
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    It is when you step off the beaten path that you become different and discover what others don't. Do not be afraid to be different and let yourself discover your true potential without the barriers of others' misgivings.

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    No, there's nothing bad about being different from other people.

    I think you're right about Beethoven and Einstein, and many others. You almost have to march to a different drummer in order to create things or ideas that are not mainstream.

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