Girlfriend problems(serious)?

My girlfriend told me she doesn't feel the same love towards me as she use to when we first started dating, and it's mostly my fault because I haven't been romantic with her. The love of my life is leaving to go to college in a month or little less than that. I have convinced her and begged her to give me a shot to make up to her for what I haven't done for her. She told me she doesn't think it will work, but I can try and I really want to. What I'm asking is there anything that you guys think I could do to try to get her to fall back in love with me and get her to feel the love that she use to feel. before she goes off to college. I would do anything for this girl because I truly love her, and I need to fix the problem that I've created. Also she is going on vactaion and she told me I could go with her, well she said I could visit her and go to the beach with her... So if there's anything special I could do at a beach or something like that. This is a serious situation and I can tell she still loves me just not the same way, and I really need help, so please don't screw with me because I'm going crazy right now over her, she's the love of my life and I can't see her go.

I'm 17 and she is 18... As I already said she's going to college and I'm gonna be a senior in high school. Also I promised her I wouldn't kiss her or say I love you unless she does first.

Thank you for your consideration

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  • 7 years ago
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    Its all useless mate. She's going away to college and this is just an excuse to break up so she's available w/o feeling guilty over there. She doesn't want the blame on it so of course it has to be your fault. But ask yourself why if she was unhappy with you why she would wait until right before she goes away? She wants her freedom and you were just a young love that is past his use.

    As you can't do anything to change her mind just try and play the same game back. She's toyed with you so set her up and use her. You played by her rules and she just tosses you to the side so stop being a pansy nice guy and be the rough guy for a change that actually gets the girls even for just a bit. Experienced guys know first goal is to get the girl then after see what comes of it. Don't get lead on for nothing.

    Source(s): I was the nice guy for years used and tossed aside and never got anything from it. Learned from experience its not the way to win. Girls play more games then guys, we just get the blame for it as one of ours is about sex.
  • 7 years ago

    This may hurt, but the truth of the matter is that she is probably going to break up with you anyway. As soon as she gets to college, she is going to have a lot of guys looking and flirting with her, and plus its all a new experience for her as well. Lots of things change when you go to college, and people change a lot. Sorry, but it just is the sad truth. Just try and be friends if you can stand it.

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