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Awesome and romantic animes?

I want amazing animes that I will love forever like Bleach, InuYasha, Yu Yu Hakashu, School Rumble, and Itazura na Kiss!

I'm recently going through an anime addicition and am too indecisive when it comes to checking out new animes. The animes don't have to be NEW per se, I would prefer old ones too, like InuYasha or Yu Yu Hakashu.

P.S. The anime MUST have romance!! It's needed! I write fanfiction and watching animes that are amazing and romantic inspire me! But it cannot have harem. I know there is a lot of harem lovers out there, but I hate harem. Thanks!

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    Kaichou wa sama it's funny and romantic

    Ouran high school host club Funny xD

    Fairy Tail I guess it's kind of like Inuyasha x]

    Vampire knight old anime x]

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    Nodame Cantabile

    Mysterious Girlfriend X

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