Which of these is the best computer?

I don't know a lot about specs and stuff but I basically want a computer that runs games like skyrim and minecraft very smoothly and fast, does the same with videos and overall internet use. Im also looking for one with good RAM at the right price. Good graphics and capability of running a lot of games too. Overall I want the one with the best deal according to my list. You can recommend your own but if you do please make it on a budget under $620. Here are the ones I am currently pondering






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    7 years ago
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    This one here is a bit more but it is better than any of the above .


  • 7 years ago

    http://www.bestbuy.com/site/CyberPowerPC+-+Gamer+U... that is the best but none of those are good, and you can build much better for the same price on your own

  • 7 years ago

    try building you own, it'll cost you much less,

    processor must be dual core or quad with not less than 3.3ghz higher is better

    must have l3 cache preferably above 6 Intel offers smart cache

    ram must not be lower than 8, since games will require lot of it

    if your going for nvida better have GTX on front before model number like GTX650 GTX690 etc

    when it comes to amd i kinda search it 1st before buying since i have to know the number of core and speeds

    750 to 1tb hard disk is enough

    and lastly a 64bit OS to support the 8gb ram and above

    hope this help, and 1 more thing choose a good casing, open for upgrades

    motherboard should also support future upgrades MSI motherboards are quire good for gaming

  • 7 years ago

    The best computer is the one you build~

    Plenty of tutorials on youtube on how to build your PC from any budget starting from 250 to 1500 dlls!!!

    Source(s): Exp, Youtube!
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