Was this an art house theater I was at (plus something mind-bending in my childhood)?

You ever feel like there's a plot hole in your LIFE?that's a misc question.The following is a small story.but once I was invited to a really weird,tiny,Indian theater stuffed at the corner of a shopping plaza.By Indian,I meant pretty much every movie was Indian....except one dark Asian film which was the reason I was invited there because my mom's godmother wanted to see it.I was a kid,it was rated R,and I just got a bad vibe during the trailers and left.I sat around for 2 hours,and spent 5 minutes with some sympathetic American popcorn seller guys.I looked at the theatre posters and,to say the least,I was weirded out.Sorry if you take offense,but every one of these foreign movies,I swear,none of them seemed normal.Like there was no foreign copy of Monsters Inc or something (which I don't mind).Every single movie poster;one,a bloody soccer movie;two,a bizarre alien disability thing film;three, the poster for an Indian drama which made my head nearly explode.I was thinking,"what the hell place am I in".After the Indian drama film ended,people of only one ethnicity poured out of the room.The Asian film was still going,I think.I felt invisible;no one was whispering, "what is that kid doing here sitting on the bench all mopey".What was that film even about??????? Soooo,was that an art house theater?There's one thing a know about art house theaters,and that's drive:arthouse as apple:fruit.


THANKS for not answering the question de Chicago I appreciate it.both of the questions were yes or no by the way,mr.top contributor.

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  • 7 years ago
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    I like this. If you are a writer I will buy your book.

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