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Kitten thinks I am his mommy?

Hey guys, I adopted a baby kitten (male)about a week ago. My friend found him on the side of the street and gave him to me (since I am such a cat lover) now he is healthy and very active and eats normally... But lately he has been sucking on my neck... I guess he is feeding on my neck. Is this normal? Is there a way to stop it?? I mean he has sucked on my neck so hard he left me "hickeys" I know that weird and gross but I can't make him stop.

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    Yes! Perfectly normal lol. My cat likes to lick faces and necks as well. It's a sign of affection. And in a way, you are the mommy now!

    Source(s): Proud mama of a 1 year old cat!
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    cats will be cats, hehe, well sine its still a kitten its quite natural, in time hell just stop and do other things to bother you, try playing with him so hell get tired and will just sleep

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    he'll probably grow out of it. if you really want you could try scolding him when he does it.

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