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Why do really really hardcore realigus people hate gays?

I mean I'll admit I'm kinda agnostic and I don't really care if people are gay if they are god bless them I don't care. but why do the realigus people do why do they care its their life whats it matter to them. I mean they say God is this forgiving person why can't he forgive that.

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    The bible says that God put a MAN and WOMAN on Earth, not a Man and a Man.

    God wants people to continue humanity and two men can't reproduce.

    Source(s): I was born as a Christian/Catholic yet I don't see anything wrong with gays. Let people do what they want.
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    I think it is lack of understanding on both sides... Religious see verses that talk about immorality and sin and they feel as if they have an obligation to speak out against things that they believe are sinful as defined by the Bible. A lot of them feel this will help save the nation. But you're absolutely right that it is supposed to be their job to spread love. There is no chance of converting someone to a faith if anger and hate is the message they feel they're getting. And what do they make of the verses that say -Judge not? But perhaps there is a lack of tolerance on both sides if we were capable of seeing it totally objectively. Somewhere along the way we are all going to have to realize that we share this world and none of us are perfect. If we have a faith in God there is no verse commanding us to go out and change laws to prevent gay people from being gay. There is no America in the bible. Sometimes I wonder if certain people realize that Jesus was a dark skinned radical from the middle east who they might mistake for a terrorist if he were to walk in their church today. Jesus never seemed to be too hard on the sinners. It was always the holier than thou people that angered him most!

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    They don't hate them...Not wanting them to be able to marry each other doesn't mean they hate them, it just means that they are trying to live by the Bible. Marriage is a union of a man and woman sanctioned by God and even God himself says being gay is a sin so I'm sure he doesn't want them getting married. So are you trying to say you know better than God or don't you really believe in him?

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    I'm just the messenger to your question...

    My feeling is the fear that the children they raise will choose external influences, away from the traditional family values, and that when the kids grow up, they will not be accepted by society. That has happened to many children who run away from home, turn to drugs, prostitution, suicide :(

    Now of course rational people realize that those bad things are not limited to gays.

    So as our culture changes to accept same gender couples, its every ones responsibility to let these kids know they are loved, they have done nothing wrong and that in God's eyes we are all equal.

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    Because they believe being gay is a sin. The bible says it is supposed to be a man and a woman.

    I am not religious and I support gays though.

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    Cause in the *Holy Books* it says homosexuality is a sin and they'll burn in Hell for eternity. The hardcore religious fanatics just wanna *save* them.

    Source(s): Read alot of Holy Books
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    Honestly no one in my church thinks homosexuality is wrong.

    And to "hate" would contradict any religious message, especially Christianity.

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    Cause they're idiotic bigots who don't realize that the bible also condemns divorce - something that half of them are. Imagine that.

    Source(s): I'm a theist. You run into a lot of ignorant people at church
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    Yes they do.

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