If you didn't apply yourself in college the first time, is it pointless to go back and try again?

Job market is a dead end, and not interested in trade school.

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  • 7 years ago
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    No, it's not pointless. But, if you do try again, you do need to apply yourself this time. Not doing so wastes time and money that I'm sure you don't have to waste, and there are standards you need to meet to be permitted to graduate. Make sure you're familiar with the resources your school has available to help you, are familiar with the requirements you need to meet, and stay on top of your assignments. Also, finish as quickly as you can, by taking as many courses each term as you can handle and financially manage.

    There are plenty of people that aren't ready for college the first time that they try, but do really well when they try again later, after they are prepared for the responsibility and work involved.

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