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Kia Optima SXL or chevy camero RS? need help :)?

okay I'm in the market to buy a new car and I have to in mind. I was just in a car accident they rear ended me so my car is totaled. I had a 2003 Toyota Corolla S. Which was a perfect condition ran great took care of it very well. You can say I'm a loyal Toyota owner. But now that I'm in the market to buy a car I have my eyes on two different cars two different styles and two different makes. I would like your guys help to let me know which would be the best car to get. I am very confused because these two cars are very nice my first pic is the Chevy Camaro this has been a car that I always wanted I'm just going to get the RS not the SS or the higher one .that will go too much over my budget and my second pic is the Kia Optima SXL now this car I seen from a coworker at work who just got one very beautiful car and I like the technology that's inside so if I am going to get one I would like to get the SXL.I took a test drive on both cars and seeing stuff that I did like and stuff that I did not like. Like the Camaro beautiful car just the only thing I do not like that it has not got much back space for back passengers I know its a sports car. And also I do not like how it does not really have that much technology it's a little plane compare to a Kia Optima. And will the Kia I never had a kia before and in the past I heard nothing but bad news about them but people are saying that they gotten better now and the styles are much better on the cars resembling nice cars like BMW and Lexus mercedes. So I would like to know people that had kias before are they reliable cars. And does the value decrease a lot in a Kia rather than a Camaro? My Toyota was really reliable but I would like to try something different. And also what about the 10 year warranty the Kia gives you is that a good warranty? does cover you the stuff that you will need in the long run when your car messes up? and how reliable are Chevys? They only have a5 year warranty on them. also i am a family man.

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    The Kia Optima is one of Kia's best selling vehicles for a variety of reasons which include its interior features, eye-catching design and reliablity. At 274 hp and 269 lb-tq, and 0-60 in 7.2 seconds, the vehicle delivers a great amount of fun and power. If you would like to know more about the Optima, take a look at Motor Trend's review.


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    The Camaro is an American icon & a part of American history.

    It's a great car which was first built in 1967.

    The Kia is an ugly little import POS that nobody cares about.

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    You're comparing apples to oranges here even if it's a 6 cylinder Camaro that's being compared to the Kia. If you really think it's an equal comparison, you NEED to buy the Kia because you can't handle even a V-6 Camaro.

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    Kia isn't an import unless you consider a import a car built right here in Georgia go for the Kia the warranty is longer they look hell of a lot better and you get a lot for your money! Get the Kia there the best

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