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Help me with my lower eye-lid?

I am a contact lense wearer (frequent) I use monthly contact lenses and during the past two days I have felt a sort of slight discomfort in my lower left eye-lid. There is no redness, there is just slight puffiness that is not noticeable unless someone gets really close up to my face. Is this the start of something, or is it just irritation that will go by on its own? I have no pimples around that area or any bumps or lumps. All I have done is wear mascara on the day it started, it is barely a year old mascara. It is not that painful to the point where I can't blink, I am just worried if it is a start of something? If it continues I will ofcourse go see my doctor. Thank you for your time, any advice would be appreciated!

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    Hi, yes, I think there's something wrong. If you are wearing contacts FOR THE FIRST TIME you should probs see a doctor. It might be NOTHING. Maybe if you did some maths work, like linear programming, you'd feel better. and Please don't pass it on kthanxbai kkkk. jks fyi you probably have eyeball cancer or are going blind.

    DOD. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.


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    Yes, it's the start of something. You should go to the doctors like right now before you die.

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    Might be a sty

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