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how soon would doctor call if MRI results serious?

I had an ultrasound and they found a dense echo region (or mass) that is "likely hemangioma" on my liver Though, i don't see how they can say "likely" based on an ultrasound. I got my MRI today. I know my doc is out of the office tomorrow, but I was told the imaging center would send the report to the doc in 12-24 hours, so by tomorrow evening at the doc has wednesdays off. If the report indicated liver cancer or a malignant tumor, would they rush they report to another doc or would they sit on it and wait till the doc gets back. And would she wait till my appointment Friday before she'd tell me the bad news? Just wondering if the policy with medical centers on contacting patients whose results are bad. I'm hoping for the best, but I gotta drive to the appointment and I don't want to do that and just even be in the doc's office if I hear the C-Word. I will have a panic attack inside the office, likely a mental breakdown.

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    The MRI is likely to confirm the ultrasound findings of hemangioma (not cancer).

    If the findings of the MRI require urgent action (for any reason) then you will be called in for an urgent appointment and told what is needed.

    Unless treatment needs to be started before Friday, you will be given your results then.

    Most clinics have a policy of not giving results (good or bad) over the phone.

    Patients need to be informed of treatment options etc when they get their diagnosis so this is always done at face to face meeting.

    This is so they can deal with situations like yours where the patient reacts in an hysterical manner.

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    The reason your doctor has already made an appointment for you is so she can tell you what the results of the scan show(if anything).IF,I repeat IF,there is something seriously wrong a day or two wait would make no difference.You can't help worrying about this so there is nothing I can say except have patience and hopefully walk out of the doctors rooms with a smile on your face.

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