Any good rock/emo/screamo (not metal) bands and their songs..?

popular bands similar to:

black veil brides

sleeping with sirens

pierce the veil


a skylit drive

tnx :))

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    Similar to BVB:

    Falling In Reverse - Some of their songs:

    The Departure, The Worst Time, Note To Self, Listen Up, Red Alert, Shipwrecked, The Drug In Me Is You, Raised By Wolves, Tragic Magic, I'm Not A Vampire, Good Girls Bad Guys, Pick Up The Phone, Don't Mess With Ouija Boards, Sink Or Swim, Caught Like A Fly, Goodbye Graceful, The Westerner, Champion, Bad Girls Club, Rolling Stone, Fashionably Late, Alone, Born To Lead, It's Over When It's Over, Game Over, Self-Destruct Personality, F*ck The Rest, Keep Holding On, Drifter, Time For Redemption

    Motionless In White - Some of their songs:

    Abigail, Cobwebs, Immaculate Misconception, Count Choculitis, Puppets, We Only Come Out At Night, Scissorhands, London In Terror, A-M-E-R-I-C-A, Creatures, City Lights, Undead Ahead, Devil's Nights, .Com, Infamous, The Divine Infection, If It's Dead We'll Kill It, Synthetic Love, Underdog, Sinematic, Hatef*ck, Burned At Both Ends, Black Damask, Ghost In The Mirror, To Keep From Getting Burned, Destroying Everything, Billy In 4C Never Saw It Coming, Bananamontana, Apocolips, Whatever You Do Don't Push The Red Button, She Never Made It To The Emergency Room, The Seventh Circle, When Love Met Destruction

    Other bands similar to BVB include:

    Vampires Everywhere!

    Blood On The Dance Floor

    Modern Day Escape

    Get Scared!

    Fit For Rivals

    Snow White's Poison Bite

    Dot Dot Curve

    Farewell My Love

    Eyes Set To Kill

    Her Bright Skies

    Drop Dead Gorgeous


    Similar To SWS:

    Memphis May Fire - Some of their songs:

    Without Walls, Alive In The Lights, Prove Me Right, Red In Tooth & Claw, Vices, Legacy, Miles Away, Jezebel, Losing Sight, Generation: Hate, The Sinner, The Unfaithful, The Victim, The Abandoned, The Deceived, The Commanded, The Burden, The Haunted, The Reality, The Redeemed, Be Careful What You Wish For, Action/Adventure, Vaulted Ceilings, Deuces Las Cruces, Gingervitus, Ghost In The Mirror, Been There Done That, Sleepwalking, History Of Mercia

    Of Mice & Men - Some of their songs:

    The Calm, The Storm, The Flood, The Depths, O.G. Loko, Ben Threw, Let Live, Still YDG'N, My Understandings, OHIOISONFIRE, Purified, Product Of A Murderer, Repeating Apologies, The Great Hendowski, I'm A Monster, When You Can't Sleep At Night, YDG, They Don't Call It South For Nothing, Second & Sebring, Westbound & Down, John Deux Trois, Those In Glass Houses, Farewell To Shady Glade, The Ballad Of Tommy Clayton & The Rawdawg Millionaire, Seven Thousand Miles For What?, This One's For You, Blame It, No Really I'm Fine, Poker Face, Smokin' Blunts

    Other bands similar to SWS:

    For All Those Sleeping

    Woe Is Me


    Hands Like Houses


    Like Moths To Flames

    The Word Alive

    Abandon All Ships

    Crown The Empire

    Isles & Glaciers

    Similar to PTV:

    Mayday Parade - Some of their songs:

    A Shot Across The Bow, Anywhere But Here, Black Cat, Bruised & Scarred, Call Me Hopeless But Not Romantic, Center Of Attention, Everything's An Illusion, Get Up, Happy Endings Are Stories That Haven't Ended Yet, I'd Rather Make Mistakes Than Nothing At All, I Swear This Time I Mean It, In My Head, Jamie All Over, Jersey, Kids In Love, Miserable At Best, No Heroes Allowed, Oh Well Oh Well, Priceless

    Bring Me The Horizon - Some of their songs:

    Anthem, Shadow Moses, Black & Blue, Tell Slater Not To Wash His D*ck, Eyeless, A Lot Like Vegas, Chelsea Smile, It Was Written In Blood, The Comedown, Sleep With One Eye Open, Diamonds Aren't Forever, Suicide Season, Crucify Me, Alligator Blood, Blacklist, Blessed With A Curse, Rawwwrr!, Traitors Never Play Hangman, Visions, Home Sweet Hole

    Other Bands Similar To PTV:

    The Word Alive

    I See Stars


    All Time Low

    Before Today

    You Me At Six

    Tonight Alive

    Breathe Carolina

    Similar To Paramore:

    VersaEmerge - Some of their songs:

    Bones, Burn, Catastrophe, Domesticated, Future, No Consequences, Figure It Out, Mind Reader, Fixed At Zero, You'll Never Know, Stranger, Redesign Me, Fire, Up There, Your Own LoV.E., Mythology, Lost Tree, Father Sky, Let Down, Theatrics, The Hider, Past Praying For, Moments Between Sleep, Whisperer, Clocks, Percipere, In Pursuing Design, Paint It Black, Forced Doors On The 14th Floor, New Frontier, Cities Built On Sand

    The Pretty Reckless - Some of their songs:

    My Medicine, Since You're Gone, Make Me Wanna Die, Light Me Up, Just Tonight, Miss Nothing, Goin Down, Nothing Left To Lose, Factory Girl, You, Far From Never, Everybody Wants Something From Me, Zombie, Hit Me Like A Man, Under The Water, Cold Blooded, ADD, Blender, Blonde Rebellion, He Loves You, Heart, Panic, Sleeze Sister, Superhero, SUS, Void And Null, Where Did Jesus Go?

    Other bands similar to Paramore:

    Hey Monday


    Boys Like Girls

    You Me At Six

    Metro Station

    We The Kings

    The Veronicas

    Never Shout Never

    Damn This Word Limit!

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Why don't you know what emo/screamo is? Oh dear.

    Moss Icon

    Rites of Spring

    Texas is the Reason



    Circle Takes The Square

    I Would Set Myself on Fire For You

    Portraits of Past

    City of a Caterpillar

    Pianos Become The Teeth


    One Last Wish

    Drive Like Jehu

    Jets to Brazil

    The Pine

    The Saddest Landscape

    Funeral Diner

    We Were Skeletons


    I Hate Myself

    I hope you take a moment to understand that you're listening to pop punk, and not emo/screamo bands.

  • Ryan
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    7 years ago

    Neil Perry

    Amanda Woodward

    Swing Kinds



    I Hate Myself

    Antioch Arrow

    A Day In Black and White


    Moss Icon

    Rites of Spring


    Indian Summer

    Hot Cross

    Gray Matter

    Off Minor

    Fire Party

    Pg 99



    I Would Set Myself On Fire For You

    Portraits of Past

    etc. and tons more that you've never heard of. Bet you've never heard of these bands, eh?

    Here's some things about emo/screamo:

    * screamo/emo is not popular

    * screamo/emo is not mainstream

    * screamo/emo is not featured on the warped tour

    * screamo/emo is not for sale at hot topic

    * screamo/emo is not trendy bullshit

    * screamo/emo is not on tv

    * screamo/emo is not on the radio

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago


    Asking Alexandria

    Escape the Fate

    Bless the Fall

    White Chapel

    Falling in Reverse

    Her Bright Skies

    Motionless in White

    Modern Day Escape

    We Came as Romans

    Of Mice & Men


    Linkin Park

    Avenged Sevenfold

    Breaking Benjamin

    Fit for Rivals

    Foo Fighters

    Five Finger Death Punch

    Get Scared

    Framing Hanley

    Mayday Parade

    Miss I May

    The Pretty Reckless

    Icon For Hire

    Rise Against

    Just some bands I know of. Please don't use emo/scream0 as a genre. It's called rock. All of the bands I listed are rock bands. emo just sounds so whiney and fake. They're not emo, they're rock. Harsh vocals in them are just a plus. So stop using emo as a genre. I was half tempted not to reply.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Wow! Thankss! Just what I was looking for. I looked for the answers on the internet but I couldn't find them.

  • You're a retard.

    Rock < Metal < Metalcore

    I don't even LISTEN to it and I can explain it better than you

  • You should listen to OF Mice and Men :D

    My favorite songs of theirs are

    Second and Sebring

    Product of a murderer

    O.G. Loko

    and they have many other great songs :D I suggest listening to these 3 first.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Nirvana :)

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