I had a very disturbing dream help?

In my dream or should i say nightmare my girlfriend got into a car with another guy, I got mad and pulled her out of the car, then I proceeded to kick the guys a**. Is she cheating? We've been together 4 years.

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    7 years ago
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    I don't think it means anything. It's most likely your subconscious being paranoid. Maybe you haven't seen her as much recently so in the back of your mind your afraid of that. And that dream isn't even that disturbing. I had a dream where I was hanging out with my friend, but we were like 10 years older or so, then a giant parasitic slug rippe dout of her, and, I married it, then we adopted unicorns, but ninja snails ate my slug, then it went to a montage of one of my friend's heads, on a robot body, singing in another friend's voice, and the montage was more like a sit com opening about a single father raising unicorns, then it cut back to dream reality and we were flooded so my unicorns and I went swimming but we drowned in the street. I **** you not.

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    your dream is telling me........that you have a very small penis and it is effecting your security with the relationship.

    Source(s): better grow a bigger d ick buddy.
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