Words to describe (and not describe) a marriage/relationship?

I am giving a wedding gift - a dictionary.

I am crossing out words that a marriage should not have (cheating)

I am highlighting words that a marriage should have (love).

I would love some ideas of what words to do this with. All help appreciated!

I heard this idea from someone and I know they would like it.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    To have:

    (1) Trust & honesty (this is listed as 65% of what makes a marriage work).

    (2) Acceptance.

    This means that when we are hurt or annoyed or feeling insecure, WE work with our emotions. Instead of expecting THEM to change so we will never feel hurt, annoyed, or insecure.

    Until you accept, the other person will not feel really loved.

    Until you accept, there is no true emotional "safety" with each other and no psychological intimacy can be built.

    (3) Loving action.

    Even when you feel like smacking them on the side of the head, you treat them with gentleness, consideration, respect, and kindness. THIS is the "for better or worse" promise.

    Love is an action.

    Attachment is a feeling.

    So if you truly do love them, your actions show that, no matter how you are feeling inside.

    As for some things that people think are important but are not:

    - Communication. The ability to talk out problems. This is 17% of what a marriage work.

    - Chemistry. The attachment, the sexual and emotional attraction. This is 11% of what makes a marriage work.

    - Sense of humor. This refers to the ability to not get bent out of shape, but to stay laid back. Only 5%.

    - Similar tastes and interests. Self-explanatory. This is only 2%.

  • 7 years ago

    Words a marriage should have:









    Words a marriage SHOULD NOT have:









    Best I could do on such short notice Ashley...Best of luck...Stellar and unique gift idea, I must say.


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