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Polite way to say no?

Ok so this guy I know...well I don't even really know him we only knew eachother for a few days and he says he loves me!? I don't like him at all but he keeps on bothering me about it asking me to go out and each time I say I don't know and keeps on pushing it off but he won't leave me alone about it. I need to know how to say no!

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    You have never said no to this guy.All you said was that you did not know which is like saying that you have not decided and you are still trying to make up your mind.This is the reason why he keeps asking you to go out. If you really want him to stop asking you out,then simply tell him that you have a boyfriend right now whom you love very much.Tell him that he would not appreciate you going out with another guy.That you appreciate his invitation but you are sorry you can not take him up on it.That is all there is to it.

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    Just say chilllll

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