Why would she do all this?

My husbands ex has a kid with him and to make the long story short. she told him after 6 yrs and she took him to court for child support and joint custody. But we come to find out that after all the issue was done and over with she went back to court. She gave her custody to her own mother ok that's one thing the other my husband sends her $45 every week.

She never sent papers to my husband about the new custody thing she did plus if she doesn't have custody why didn't she report this to my husband and the payments are still going to her still. I really don't understand all this crap shes doing.

With all these that's she has been doing behind my husbands back will she get in trouble or what can happen . just asking this is all new to me.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    its his kid. let him worry about it. don't worry, be happy.

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