How do I change a dropbox file name?

Ok so I have somp template excel forms I have saved to my drop box. Would like to keep the template and change the file to a different name. Not sure how to do this. Help

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  • 7 years ago
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    You would need to resave a new copy each time you edit the file and have a Dropbox Folder located on your computer.

    A way you can prevent yourself from accidentally overwriting the file when you save is to create the file perfectly and afterwards you set the file to Read Only.

    On Windows you can do so easily:

    Right Click on the file -> Select Properties -> At the bottom select the box that says Read Only.

    This way when you go to save the file, it will automatically tell you that you need to create a New File. As long as you save it within the same DropBox folder, the dropbox application will insure the folder stays synced and the new file would show up also.

    Doing this from a Mobile Device is more complicated.

    **/ Yes I know excel has a build in Template Options, however it is cumbersome and not worth the hassle of learning

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    6 years ago


    You can download Dropbox for free here

    The downside to having multiple computers is synchronizatio Dropbox is the perfect solution for these situations.

    Have a nice day

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