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My brother has an explosive temper?

I always knew my brother was easily agitated but sometimes it's really crazy! My mom asked me to come downstairs and lock my car, so I did. When i came down he was talking normally with my mom and nothing seemed wrong. Then our 5 month old puppy wanted my attention, so she started barking at me and I told her "no" in an assertive voice about twice. She didn't stop barking though, and all of a sudden my brother screamed "shut up!" and started to chase her! He was completely red in the face and ended up grabbing her and practically threw her in her cage. My mom and I just looked at each other, and she asked what was wrong with him. Then he started to flip out telling her it was her and my dads fault for always nagging and that the dog was barking and distracting him when he was talking, and then he stomped upstairs. He acted completely out of proportion considering the situation. I don't know what him and my mom were talking about before i came down, but he seriously shouldn't have flipped out like that because a puppy was barking. It worries me and my mom sometimes because he tends to get very angry and impatient during situations people normally wouldn't get that angry over. Could he have explosive anger disorder? He is completely normal besides his awful temper. I just don't know what his problem is sometimes.


I forgot to mention that he's not a kid anymore. He's 21

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    It depends on how old he is. If he is between 10-14, this is actually pretty natural. Kids going through these stages usually get moodswings where one small thing can make you pretty angry. I myself get them quite often and so do people I know. For example, if my mom calls me upstairs and I'm putting my stuff away to come up, then after she says it 3 times, I might snap. But these things only result in shouting and it goes away in 10 seconds. For your brother, it seems a bit more severe. It could be anger management issues, and don't feel ashamed to take him to a professional.

    EDIT: Ok, this is way more severe. 21 you say? That guys definitely got a problem. Tell him to get checked, or else his future children will get a hell of a child abuse.

    Source(s): School, work, personal experience :) Hope I helped.
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    Light his fuse over and over and over and over ect 8》

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