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Should I allow my sons mom to take him out of the country for 2 weeks?

My son 1 1/2 and his mother has family in Jamaica that has never met him. We are not together and she's needs proof that I approve of her taking him out of the country but for two weeks?! I might sound selfish but i don't want to be away from my son for two whole weeks and I'm not sure if I will be able to make calls all the way to Jamaica, the thought is literally killing me. I thought of maybe compromising a trip for one week but am I coming off as selfish or is this reasonable?

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    you are being overwrought and unreasonable. OK? Now keep reading for why

    My kids travelled with me for a month and my ex-wife was fine. She took them to Europe to visit their uncle for 2 weeks. Fine

    A one week trip for that distance is just not worth it.

    You have to do what is best for your son, sure you;ll miss him but the phine system works just fine. There's this thing called the Internet. Skype. Free voice and vido chats anywhere in the world.\

    Here is the text of the letter that you have to WRITE and have NOTARIZED before she leaves.

    Ideally if you are both in the same city, you can both sign it at the same notary (this saves money and time) You need all your documents together, and having the birth certificate along wiht this letter is a good idea.


    To Whom It May Concern:

    We, the undersigned,

    XXXXXXXXX, a citizen of the United States born January 1, 1966, identified with USA Passport XXXXX issued by {city] Passport Agency on Nov 16 2004 and expiring Nov 15 2014, and

    YYYY , a citizen of Jamaica born Jan 4, 1974, identified with XXX Passport 12345 issued in Kingston Jamaica on July 21 2005, expiring on 20 April 2015,

    are the lawful parents of

    XXXXZZZZZ , a citizen of the United States born October 1, 2011 in New York New York and identified with USA Passport 123456 issued by the United States Department of State on Dec 4, 2012 and expiring on Dec 3 2017.

    We give our mutual consent for the aforementioned child for international travel accompanied by only one parent at any time. This consent is not bounded by time or destination considerations.

    Any questions regarding this consent letter can be directed to XXXXX at USA cellular phone +1 200 555 1212, OR to YYYY at USA cellular phone +1 300 555 1212.

    __________________________ _______________________

    Parent name (Date) Parent Name (Date)

    Signed before me, _____________________________________________,

    (Full Name of Notary)

    this_____________________ at __________________________.

    (Date) (Name of Location)

    [ ]

    [ ]

    [ ]

    [ ]

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    Personally, my child would never leave the country without me. I know I couldnt handle it. Im assuming you have custody. Is she ok with that? are yous on good terms? do you trust her? If your answer is yes than it may be wonderful for your son as well as for his family in Jamaica. I would love to go to Jamaica. It truly would be very hard to let my child go without me but I would feel very selfish in not letting him go for no other reason than my own desire to not be without him. At 1 1/2 he may not know much about it or care but it may give him a few good memories to carry with him always. Now if your answer should be no, then I would not allow him out of my sight much less out of the country, you may never see him again? Maybe you could use a vacation and go to Jamaica to so you want be to far from him and can keep your eye on things and give him a big hug if you get to missing him to bad. No one knows the answer to this but you. You know her and you know what you can do and not do. If you let him go dont worry enjoy your time off Im sure you could use a break...they keep you on your toes at that age.

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    I get it: He's your baby. He's also his mom's baby. As long as you don't think she wouldn't skip town and not return, you should allow him to meet his family and have them meet him. You can't keep all that preciousness to yourself!

    About keeping in touch for two weeks, I don't know what sort of conversation you can have with a one year old, but what about getting a skype account for when he's away and you can still say hi? What if she emails you pictures and videos of his trip, so you still feel connected? Maybe you could compromise on how you stay in touch?

    BTW- I think it's great that you care so much about your son. If you and your ex are on friendly terms, maybe you could arrange to visit Jamaica around the same time. He could be with you for part of the time and with your ex and her family for part of the time.

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    If there is any suspicion on your part that she might not come back with him, then don't permit it.. sad to say but this happens! One parent decides to return home, or SAYS they are returning home, but then doesn't come back..

    You are not being selfish or unreasonable.. 2 weeks is a long time at such a young age.. I am thinking of your son here - children so young can experience separation anxiety.. maybe suggest a shorter trip, and another later, when your son is older?

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    I would limit the time for this first trip and not consider yourself selfish. Make sure your son's mother can be trusted to return your son home to you and that she is not attempting to take him and not return. I would also make sure you can speak to her at least one time while she is away. A phone call should be available for you to contact her.

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    If you trust that she is going to return a two week vacation should not be a big deal. Negotiate extra visits before and after the vacation.

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    You are being reasonable. Christine

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    her family r probably dying to meet him

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