Is my mom really cursed? Are medians real?

Ok to begin my mother and I went to a local family dollar to pick up household supplies.Stuff like tissue dish liquid etc etc.Then a seemingly poor lady comes along. She then proceeded to greet my mother and I saying I came to you because I felt in my heart you would help me. The lady begged my mother to buy some pampers and wipes for her child (she had 2 children.And they were dirty.) My mother agreed to help this women,and because she is so kind she brought the lady food as well.We then gave the lady and her children a ride home.The lady kindly asked my mother to talk to her about her life.My mother and I were very confused as to what this lady meant.We went inside her house and then she told us information about herself such as her name and that she is from Italy also her age.(I don't remember) and she claimed she was a median or something like that.She then told my mom that she knew she would help her back at the store.Then she started telling my mom stuff about her personal life like WTF.She told my mom that she knew my mom and my mom's mom didn't get along for a while.She even knew that they had started talking to each other and getting along recently.She knew that my mother had three other children including myself.(KEEP IN MIND ONLY I WEN'T TO THE STORE WITH MY MOM)she also knew that we all have different fathers.She said that my mother is to passive with people and has been used by others many times.Completely true! My mom always helps people and afterward she gets ****** over.She knew every man my mom has been with has left her and she knew my mom was currently seeing someone (my baby brother's father)and she said the relationship won't last.Then she dropped the bomb on us she said "I believe you are cursed my dear." At this point I am scared confused angry my mother too. The lady said she doesn't think the curse was meant for my mom but for someone else in the family.She believed it was for my great grandmother(Deceased).The lady told my mom the curse is connected to 9 different demons.(my mom started crying).She said the curse prevents my mom from ever being with a man that really loves her and thats why relationships don't last with her.She said the demons will torment her until she dies and then they will attack the rest of the family meaning us me and my brothers.Then she told my mother she would help her get rid of these demons for her.She want's her to come back tomorrow.She says that my mom has to buy some candles and bring them too her to burn for a month. All this in one night is pretty crazy. Now I've always been a skeptic I'm not a practitioner of religious beliefs so my mind was blown away. How could this lady have possibly obtained this information. My mother know's this stranger from NOWHERE we just moved here to this part of Florida (Orlando).We know nobody here! My mother and I have never seen this lady in our lives.MY MOTHER ONLY TOLD THIS LADY HER NAME NOTHING MORE! SO WTF.How?How is this possible? I did my research and something about a cold reading came back but I don't believe just anyone can use that method to acquire such deep information about someones life.

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    Honestly, I think there are some people who have a special means to "tap into" portions of reality most of us cannot. Remember, you only use 10% of your brain, and we don't really know what the other 90% is capable of. Some people may be able to use more, or possibly different parts. I think the idea of "mediums" and "psychics" is a bit hyped up, but I do believe there are elements of reality we simply do not understand. I had a very odd experience myself years ago. I had an extremely vivd dream that a man with a distinctive looking dog came up to me on the street and started chatting with me (just in a friendly way, nothing scary or perverse). The very next day, I was walking to work and the man out of my dream (whom I had never seen before in real life) with the dog came up and started going verbatim conversation I had dreamt. I see a lot of the same people walking every day, and he's not someone I ever cross paths with. But this guy seems to turn up whenever I'm having some kind issue or needing insight into something, and without telling him anything at all, he'll just come out with something completely related and helpful, then wander off. It's very freaky to me, as he never has anything else to say beyond things that relate to my situation at a given point in time. It was something that just puzzled me until my husband introduced me to the concept of quantum theory. I do believe some people have a connection to other people because of the way their particles interact (we are after all, just a collection of particles). I also believe in some instances, people can overcome our normal limitations of perception of space-time and "see" into the "future" of ourselves and others we are connected with. It's very difficult to put into words, but may be a theory worth researching if you are open minded and interested in a possible scientific explanation of some of the "unexplainable" things that happen in life.

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    Remember when she ask your mother to tell her about her life? That's when she found out everything that she needed to know to trick both of you into thinking that she can see the future and help you with all of these problems coming your way. This bit*h is nothing more than a total fraud and she finds new victims all of the time by just doing to other people the same stuff that she is doing to you. And that is flim flaming both of you. Oh isn't she such a nice little thing to care about you both so much. This is the worse kind of parasite there is. They pretend to care and then take you for everything that you have. Tell her to take a hike or you will report her to the police. She will make a hasty retreat. Don't let her into your house any more. She is a crook.

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    No 'medium' or 'psychic' has ever been able to prove powers under scientifically controlled test conditions. They use tricks like 'cold reading' to get information, even if they don't know they're doing it. They are very clever at it, and even though your mother believes she didn't tell her anything, she most probably did. Then what happens is 'confirmation bias' - you remember all the medium's 'hits' but forget all their 'misses'. Moreover, you let her inside of your house where there would be a wealth of information for a medium.

    You need to be very skeptical of her. And you should record or write down everything she says to compare later.

    PS: The 10% of our brain thing is a complete myth. We use 100% of our brains.

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    the word is medium; the lady supposedly can connect with the deceased of some people. I do not believe that is possible. But there are people who may believe this kind of thing. Your mom, in the future, should be very careful about who she talks to and who she drives home. This lady may have targeted your mother and already researched things about her; that is how she becomes believable.

    There are many ways to get information like that if you know how.

    I believe in God; and through the years has given me peace through prayer. Do some research yourself on this woman; you can find out a lot from the library and internet.

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    No, Your Mother is under no curse . However as to mediums-

    I was asked once about the question of a Mediums Life and reliability

    I answered--

    This question can sometimes be very difficult to answer. A medium can only attract to themselves those of the same moral and spiritual development as themselves. If you have a medium who is an alcoholic, or sex addict, a swindler, narcissist, or depraved in some way , - then only those disembodied egos of like mindedness will the medium be able to channel.

    On the other hand , if the medium is of pure heart, sound, loving, disciplined, caring, and highly spiritual , -then again ,those of kindred vibration will come to the mediums aid.

    Those who wish to be mediums are therefore warned to develop a high degree of spirituality, altruism, love, purity of motives, and self control.

    If one is not virtuous and pure ,then you are risking to attract around yourself some very unclean, unevolved egos , those of unspeakable depravity and the stink of human filth

    This type of unclean medium-ship will wreak havoc and destroy your health, mind, and your life,before realizing the horror that you have been practicing the darkest and most cruel of all black arts ,...necromancy

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    I would not ever meet this woman again or have her over to your house....This is very dangerous stuff you guys are getting into.

    Deuteronomy 18:10-12

    10 There should not be found in you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire,+ anyone who employs divination,+ a practicer of magic+ or anyone who looks for omens+ or a sorcerer,+ 11 or one who binds others with a spell+ or anyone who consults a spirit medium*+ or a professional foreteller of events+ or anyone who inquires of the dead.+ 12 For everybody doing these things is something detestable to Jehovah, and on account of these detestable things Jehovah your God is driving them away from before you.

    There is a reason we are warned to stay away from these things, it is not to deprive us, it is for protection. Ultimately it is your choice but you came here looking for an answer.....I strongly suggest you stay away from this situation.

    I talk from experience. My grandma use to be involved in this kind of stuff. I have seen some pretty scary things because of what she practised in my home. I hope you make the right decision!

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    Medians are real. They divide highways.

    Mediums, however, are fakes.

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    medians are not real - it's time to grow up now.

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