What is a good Computer that is better than...?

Looking for a computer better than mine for about $600....Mine is just not cutting it anymore...I would like a desktop that is much better than what I have now....My price range would be $550-$650...heres my specs:

Manufacturer: Samsung

Processor: AMD A6-3420M APU 1.5GHz

Graphics Card: Radeon Graphics

Memory(RAM): 4gb Standard memory

OS: Windows 7

Just link me to a pc with what i asked, or tell me all the parts with Specific names....Thank you!


Also, my main purposes will be editing, rendering, livestreaming, and some gaming (Mainly Minecraft).

Update 2:

I'de also rather have a better CPU then GPU since I will use it more for other things than gaming....also, preferebly Quad Core!

3 Answers

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