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Anyone care to help??? I will answer yours?

My friend is having her wedding in Germany and I am currently living in Bangkok. Since I don't earn that much, I couldn't afford to go to the wedding. Also I couldn't take a break from work. A couple of days ago she asked me to make a video of myself giving a toast for her wedding. She only give me about a week to do it and she said she wants a 10 minute toast. I told her, "Don't you think it's a little too long?"... All of a sudden she got upset and she said it's not an obligation. I told her I will try my best but I couldn't find anyone to record it for me & I don't have any recorder also. I only have a webcam!.. I apologized and told her my situation and that I will write a toast for her and someone could read it at her wedding. This is what she replied, "If you can't do it you can't do it.. So be it!!!"...

I am very upset with her answer.. I find it rude and unreasonable because I wouldn't mind if my friend can't come or make a toast at my wedding since we both are living far. Am I a terrible friend for not being able to do this? Do you think my friend is being unreasonable?

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    You are not a terrible friend, and yes she is being very unreasonable. It's her wedding, but she can't always get what she wants. She can't put the blame on you. You don't have the necessary equipment(recorder). You could tell her that it upset you and you don't have a recorder. That you really will try your best.

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    You're not a terrible friend she's acting how she is because it's her wedding all brides are stressed at this time if she blows up at u it's because she really wants u there n really wanted u to toast not someone else.if u have explained to her your predicament n how you feel of missing the wedding then she will understand unless she can fly you out. Or something if you're really good friends she will understand dont sweat it and keep trying to find a camera to record but if not write it down anyway n send it. She might actually use it hope this helped

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    I just think that you're friend is upset right now. Everything always seems worse in the moment. I would still write a toast and send it to her and possibly record it on the webcam just to make up for not being there. I mean a wedding is a huge deal, especially for your friend it seems like, and your friends upset and angry that you aren't there, as would I. No, you aren't a bad friend. This stuff happens and there was nothing you could really do about it. Just maybe make it up to her.

    Hope that helps.

    If you wouldn't mind, please help me with my question. Thanks a bunch!!

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    This isn't your fault, this isn't your fault at all. I don't know much to say there.

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