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Is global warming real?

I know people have different opinions on this subject but I want to know what your feelings are in global warning. Thank you :)

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    . It is a scam. CO2 was at one time blamed for an impending Ice Age.

    Life magazine of January 3, 1970, stated: “Scientists have solid experimental and theoretical evidence to support . . . predictions” such as: “In a decade, urban dwellers will have to wear gas masks to survive air pollution,” and “increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will affect earth’s temperature, leading to mass flooding or a new ice age.”

    How can CO2 have an influence in warming of our atmosphere and cooling of the atmosphere at the same time? It can't. It proves that those who claim such don't know what they are referring to. It is one big scam.

    Joseph Goebbel,

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    These phonies figure that by repeating their lie everyone will believe it. They are doing a good job of it. There is no real connection. Plus real true scientists know that AGW is a scam.

    Quote by Madhav L. Khandekar, UN scientist, a retired Environment Canada scientist: "Unfortunately, the IPCC climate change documents do not provide an objective assessment of the earth's temperature trends and associated climate change….As one of the invited expert reviewers for the 2007 IPCC documents, I have pointed out the flawed review process used by the IPCC scientists in one of my letters. I have also pointed out in my letter that an increasing number of scientists are now questioning the hypothesis of Greenhouse gas induced warming of the earth's surface and suggesting a stronger impact of solar variability and large-scale atmospheric circulation patterns on the observed temperature increase than previously believed."

    Quote by Will Happer, Princeton University physicist, former Director of Energy Research at the Department of Energy: “I had the privilege of being fired by Al Gore, since I refused to go along with his alarmism....I have spent a long research career studying physics that is closely related to the greenhouse effect....Fears about man-made global warming are unwarranted and are not based on good science. The earth's climate is changing now, as it always has. There is no evidence that the changes differ in any qualitative way from those of the past.”

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    Yes, global warming is real. Thee are so many examples through which we can show that there is global warming. It is scientifically proved thing. The climate changes, the flood etc. are the effects of global warming. The increased green house gases in the atmosphere is the reason for the global warming.

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    The evidence for recent gradual Global Warming is overwhelming and is generally accepted almost everywhere in the world outside the USA. How much of the recent Global Warming is caused by human action is, to some extent, uncertain, but most people (and in particular most scientists) accept that the major contribution is from overuse of carbon fuels.

    Al Gore's book, "An Inconvenient truth," provides many reasons why global warming is real and the changes that have occurred.

    The facts speak for themselves. The average global temperature is rising and has been doing so since the Industrial Revolution. The years 1998, 2005 and 2010 are regarded as the equal warmest years on record. The past decade was the warmest since instrumental measurements began in 1850, and the ten warmest years since 1850 have now all occurred since 1998.

    Global warming (or more correctly global climate change) is a true and present danger to the Earth. Science confirms it, observations of temperature, ice cap melting, wind patterns of ocean currents, the distribution of fish and wildlife, climatic anomalies all are appearing on schedule with the predictions. Almost every scientist with an appropriate degree agrees with the models, the math and the evidence.

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    At first your question seems simple, but it is not.

    First of all is there global warming, well at the moment no, there has been no warming for 16yrs, but then our climate always changes warmer cooler warmer cooler, but why? well there are changes in ocean and atmospheric currents and solar cycles that are naturally occurring.

    Is there man made warming, yes we alter the climate by deforestation, building blacktop roads, heat islands and so on.

    Is there warming from CO2 yes, but the big argument is how much, and will growing CO2 levels harm our earth, I think not as most of the warming done by CO2 was at a pre-industrial level long ago, and a doubling of our present levels might cause a rise of 1 degree C or less.

    A question no one seems to ask is, is global warming bad, again I think no, Man has always prospered during warm periods, and famine and unrest happened in the cold periods (little ice age) plus CO2 is causing a 11% or more increase in plants (greening our planet) which of course is good, that also means more food crops grown, less land used up for agriculture.

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    Global warming is loosely defined but when you say it people think of humans warming the earth. This is entirely true. Ignore the rich people and batshit crazy people from the Republican Party and all of their minions and controllers. Apparently it's just a theory that heat melts ice. The oil companies hired scientists to pretend that global warming is a hoax, but there is an overwhelming consensus against them. Don't fall for it

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    Just as Global Cooling is real.

    A 1% rise in Global temperatures in about 150 years of an industrialized world is mostly due to "heat islands" (cities).

    “Arctic Temperatures – Recent research shows that the Arctic was 6 to 8 degrees higher 8000 years ago and that change occurred over a couple of decades.”

    Dr. Ian Clark – Dept. of Earth Sciences

    Most cities have hotter temperatures within the city limits than the surrounding countryside. This has nothing to do with CO2 and everything to do with land use. Satellite data and balloon data are in direct correlation and should be used for current global temperature readings. Any temperature readings taken in urban areas should be considered to have contamination.

    Margaret Thatcher started promoting Nuclear Energy because she was concerned about energy security and didn’t trust the Middle East or the Coal Miner’s Union in the U.K. When the Climate Change argument came up she said, ‘Well, this is great because Nuclear Energy doesn’t have CO2 emissions.’ She then went to the scientists (The Royal Society) and told them that there was money on the table for you to prove this. So they did. When politicians put their name to it and put some weight to it then things start to happen with a particular interest against CO2. In 1988 at the request of Mrs. Thatcher they set up a climate-modeling unit and provided the basis for an international committee called the Inter-Governmental Panel Committee for Climate Change or the IPCC. The idea of Governmental control over CO2 appealed to the Environmentalists.

    The connection with Margaret Thatcher who was a right-wing capitalist to the very left wing environmentalist movement that created momentum behind a living idea.


    Biomass in many areas has increased by as much as 11% since 1982. Increased CO2 levels are not causing a catastrophic effect because CO2 has limits of warming the atmosphere. :


    According to satellite data we are currently 0.3C (June 2013) above the established mean ('81 - '10). In August of 1984 we were -0.6C below the established mean temperature and in early 1998 we were 0.66C above the established mean (that was when a super El Nino occurred - a natural event -)


    Jeff M - "Everybody needs to get a paint stripping heat gun and try heating the surface of water. You will find that the heat is totally blocked. The water remains stone cold. That is the answer to this whole argument, surface tension blocks heat. Water accepts radiation but blocks heat. A warmer day does not mean a warmer ocean because of surface tension. Thats why there is a pause, the sun has reduced its activity and there is NO backup heat.

    In short the “heat” in the ocean is not hiding it never went in in the first place. Somebody tell Trenberth. The irony of the situation is that if you are serious about heating water through the surface the only way to achieve is to float an object on the surface and apply the heat to the floating object. The floating kills the surface tension, creates an upside down pot and heat will flow. Why heat on a warm day does not pass from the atmosphere into the ocean by conduction, I don’t know but what I do know is that we don’t know enough about surface tension. And don’t get me started on the models."

    Thanks RMB!

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    yes, global warming is real as we could see its results in the environment. The unnatural flood, Tsunami is the outcome of global warming. If it doesn't exist then the gradual increase in temperature of earth won't happen.

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    Is global warming real? No because global warming is undefined.

    Global warming is a term that is not clearly defined. Is it global warming, or climate change, AGW or some other politically correct term? I know that everyone thinks they know what global warming is, but I don't think we all agree on a clear definition of global warming.

    My feelings are that it is a global carbon tax scam.

    Green Peace founder questions man-made global warming

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    I don't agree with Patrick Moore (environmentalist) on genetically modified food.

    Source(s): 50 NASA Scientists Against Global Warming
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    Its a conspiracy like illuminati and PEANUT BUTTER! Global warming controls the media!

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    Some people also have "different opinions" as to whether we can ever really know what the square root of 16 is.

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