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If Prince William were to die now, after having a child, who would be next in line to inherit after Charles?

Would it revert back to Harry? If Prince Charles and William died, what would happen? What happens if the next in line to inherit is a minor.

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    prince harry i suppose until prince george is old enough to take over.

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    The baby would move to 2nd in line to the throne. If Charles dies or abdicates (unlikely) before the baby reaches majority (16/18/21), there would be a "regent" in place until such time, and this could be Prince Harry or the Duchess, or even another royal decided upon by the current monarch and parliament. In fact, I'm sure such a measure is in place already. (The House of Windsor is fastidious in that regard! Always prepared for a "what-if.")


    Rumour has it, that for about 3 months after George VI's passing in 1952, Elizabeth II wasn't even assured of the crown, as there was a (remote) chance that her mother might have been pregnant, which she was, and it were a boy, he would have leapt over his sisters and have become king. (At the time of George VI's passing, his wife was still of child-bearing age, and it could have been possible.)

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    I expect there might be what is called a "regency" where Prince Harry would serve as regent until the child of Prince William got old enough to be made king.

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    Since William has had a child, the throne would pass on to his son rather than Prince Harry. The line of succession goes generationally. And if his son is still a minor when the throne is passed to him, he would have to wait until he is of age to rule; until then, a regent would be put in place to rule on his behalf.

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    Usually if the next to inherit is a minor it'll either pass to the next in line until he's of age, or it'll still pass to him and he'll just have people who make his decisions for him until he's old enough. Like what happened to Edward VI

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    Harry would become king.

    But these idiots would have a baby as a king so they can act like fckn morons the rest of their lives.

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