Learn psychic ability, telekinesis?

Can somebody please shed some light on how I can obtain this ability?

I'm pretty sure it comes from all view points but at first I'm reading that you can get energy from vibrating small entites such as molecues and atoms if you focus hard enough and listening to vibrations...

...or stuff like sitting still and meditating, that requires years of effort and discipline.

...I'd like to know if I should do this from a scientific or spiritual perspective?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Usually for those whom it comes to easily, it comes to them unexpectedly.....but you can improve your natural psychic abilities and awareness by practice, learn what way works best for you to be intuitive, this is key for most of your psychic abilities, takes a lot of practicing for improvements, being patient, and consistency makes perfect.....like training in any sport......and don't forget to be completely open, helps your awareness......then meditations and openness for mind powers thought energies towards telekinesis.

  • Hunter
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    7 years ago

    Neither as both are wrong-- or I should say-- neither are quite right, I don't know why, but people almost never think of the physiological aspects of psi, but there was *one* study where they took a bunch of different psis and hooked them up to EEGs to see if there was any qualitative difference between a telepath and a telekinetic or a teek and a seer. The study proved that each type of psi ability has its own unique brainwave trigger frequency: 4 Hz for telepathy (sending), 6 Hz telepathy (receiving)/ astral/mental projection, 7 Hz for telekinesis, 8.3 Hz for clairvoyance & precognition, and 20 Hz for telepathic hypnosis. None of those frequencies occur during the normal human waking state. In fact, most humans are sound asleep at the 4 Hz trigger frequency that the telepaths function at-- which I suppose makes all natural psis neurological freaks. I know the neurologist who did EEGs on me sure didn't know why I had such "anomalous theta" activity. but he might have believed me if I told him I was a psi; while most physicists are usually morons when it comes to psi phenomena and abilities, many doctors believe and accept the idea of psi abilities without reservation.

    Now that you know there's that 7 Hz trigger frequency for TK, the question then becomes how to get into that 7 Hz theta state. Most humans experience that frequency only during strong emotions like anger, hate, fear, and sometimes boredom; it is notoriously difficult to get into otherwise even if you have a biofeedback machine. You might try:

    1. Meditate. Go somewhere where you can be undisturbed. Relax your body, focus on your breathing and clear your mind. If you have trouble clearing your mind entirely, you can focus on a mantra--a single word or phrase repeated over and over again. Start with three-- to five-- minute sessions and gradually extend your ability to concentrate. You might find it difficult at first, but with consistent practice, you will probably improve.

    2. Proceed to raising energy once you have become proficient enough at meditation to hold your concentration for at least 15 minutes, which may take a few weeks to several months (or years). You are raising energy and lowering your brainwaves when you are able to focus on a powerful emotion until you feel as if you are about to burst from it. The emotion can be a negative one, such as anger or despair. Hate works as well.

    3 Understand that being able to meditate well enough to block unwanted emotions, and focus on the emotions you do want to experience, makes you ready to begin attempting to move things with your mind. Begin with light objects such as a small piece of thin aluminum tubing, say 1”x 1/2" x .014" or a psi wheel made out of thin brass—even a piece of round pen casing with the ink cartridge removed can be used. These are ideal because some idiot can’t come along and say the you made the item turn or move by the heat of your hands or by your breathing. (Look up the Wiki article on psi wheels-- I wrote it-- on how to make a good brass psi wheel).

    4. When you can get into the state in #2, picture your tube or psi wheel to moving or you can focus on it directly by placing your hands around your target if it helps you to focus your energy. This is what powerful teek Nina Kulagina does-- or at least did, when she was starting out.

    5. If you get any success, it gets easier as you practice, but you have to continue to practice every damn day or you will lose the ability. Trust me on this. I had achieved five minutes of deliberate control but lost it because I didn't practice each day.

    This is basic TK. Keep in mind that it's one thing to have the ability, but it's another thing to actually have much telekinetic *power.* Some people have great telekinetic power, but most people don't; that's just the way it goes.

    Good luck. And oh, if you get headaches, quit. It can take a [long] while to learn this as you are training your brain to do something it normally doesn't do unless you are a latent teek like Carrie

    or Annie Wheaton. :-)

    Oh, BTW, the Randi prize is a fake; it's a rigged challenge that no one will ever win so don't let people get you to waste your time encouraging you to try it.

    @ I should mention that during the 70s doctors Elmer and Alyce Green documented the Swami Rama's ability to produce psychokinetic effects. The Swami suggested that his ability came from meditation; by saying a particular mantra many thousands of times. This is the hard way...

    @ Well, if the Gypsy or anyone else knows a better way to develop TK, then post it; I would really want to see it. Otherwise, stop sounding like a spoiled brat. The poster asked a serious question and I gave him a serious answer---

    Source(s): Personal experience & research
  • ?
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    7 years ago

    No psychic ability of any kind has ever been demonstrated in a test that ruled out fraud, despite the longstanding offer of more than a million dollars for a successful demonstration. Telekinesis is not only false but physically impossible. It's interesting that "DOCTOR" puts in his usual paste-up citing among other things a 90-year-old SCIENCE FICTION STORY as evidence.

  • Dr. NG
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    7 years ago

    No, sorry there's no such thing, and anyone that says they can do it is a big ol' fibbing tale teller.



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