what is the best adidas f50 and why?

i really need one

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    I think there are 3 types of Adidas f50 boots, f10, f30 and Adizero. F10 are the cheapest and are generally excellent quality for the price. f30s are more expensive (about 60 to 100 euro) and are not worth the price in my opinion. Adizero's are very expensive (140-200 euro), but they really are amazing boots. I bought a pair of Adizero's that were on sale from €200 to €75, and they are by a mile the best boots I have ever bought. They are really light and so comfortable. I wouldn't bother buying the f30's. If you can definitely buy the Adizero's, but if they are too expensive the f10s will do the job.

    Source(s): Owner of f10, f30 and Adizero boots.
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