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How can I sell my story?

Hello, so I have this story currently drafted on wattpad and I want it to get published of course but I kinda want to make money through the process. What should I do and do you know any publishers I can sell to?

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    Based on the information you provided, your chances of getting published are remote. I am a published novelist and it took me almost 20 years to sign my first publishing deal. I hate to discourage you, but if you're serious about writing, remember that rejection is a prerequisite to success. Two more things: First, you definitely need an agent and in today's crowded world of publishing, it's very rare that an agent will take on a newbie unless their writing is outstanding. Second, before you even consider submitting your manuscript, it better be nearly flawless. Grammar. Sentence structure. Syntax. Punctuation. Anything less than perfect and you've got no shot. Good luck.

    Source(s): Author of three published novels.
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    You need to get an agent who will in turn present the work to appropriate publishers. Currently the number of agents who want to try and peddle something that has already appeared on the internet is hovering at about zero.

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