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help!! need relationship advice?

so I made a mistake and lied to my girlfriend about being a virgin around 9 months ago and she was a virgin and had sex with me and she wanted to lose her virginity to a virgin. so I told her the truth a couple months ago and it hurt her pretty bad and nothing has been the same since. She rarely wants to have sex and its just been different. I could really use some advice or tips. Ive tried to talk to her about it so dont tell me that please

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    Just tell her you was afraid to tell her the truth because of how she would react and all plus show your care along with it.

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    Wow you lied to her to get her in the sack. No guy has ever done that before! I suggest you grovel to her and really think about how telling lies hurts people. It probably isn't the virginity issue that's upset her its the fact you blatantly lied. You've lost her trust and there's no quick fix to getting it back. Not that you really deserve it. If I was her you'd be dumped already.

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