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Is my motherboard or CPU bottlenecking my GPU?

I bought Borderlands 2 the other day and I get 10-20 fps on it consistently no matter what settings I change. I've had my rig for about a year and a half now and I've always known that while I don't have the best setup, I should be playing games decent on high settings. My rig is:

Windows 7 Home premium x64

CPU: AMD FX (tm)- 6100- six core processor

MOBO: Gigabyte M68MT-S2

BIOS: Award Modular BIOS v6.00

GPU: nvidia GTX 560

Sandisk 128 GB SSD

I think my BIOS and MOBO are outdated. Should I either upgrade those or get a new intel CPU?

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    The GTX 560 is still currently a pretty decent GPU, that is the card which I currently have (paired with an I5-3470), and I could definitely say to you that it still can play all games smoothly on high settings.

    I guess it would be better ikf you first upgrade to the latest NVIDIA driver for the GTX 560.

    But indeed, the FX6100 is not something to be proud of since it really performs bad in gaming BUT with the GTX 560, your gaming rig shouldn't be having a hard time with borderlands 2.

    If the GPU driver update didn't solve your problem, then you could might as well upgrade your mobo and cpu into the newest haswell I5 cpu's.

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    the cpu is fine, it will not bottleneck a 560, i would be more worried if you go to 680 or higher, or a 7950 or higher. and the mobo will never bottleneck the gpu unless it doesnt have a 16x pcie which yours has. The bios can just be updated with a flash drive though. So to answer your question you should be fine in both departments.

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