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How much is 60 cuban convertible pesos worth in U.S?

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    The Cuban Convertible Peso is supposed to be equal to one US Dollar.

    Here is the problem: They are illegal to import into the US (because the trade embargo with Cuba is still going on) AND they are illegal to bring back into Cuba.

    They do have some value as collectibles, especially if they are in as-new condition. For circulated notes, most coin dealers will pay no more than 50 cents on the Convertible Peso.

    For what it's worth, eBay recently changed their rules and will no longer accept listings for Cuba goods (which is idiotic in my opinion):

    Source(s): I am a banknote dealer. I pay 50 cents per Conv. Peso, for notes that I need for my own collection. Everything else, I pay 30 cents per Conv. Peso. I may be interested in what you have.
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