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Will bleaching my hair ruin my natural color forever?

Hi. So I have natural red hair and I want to dye it a lilac/pastel purple. Will bleaching my hair ruin my natural red? Will it come back?

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    Bleaching your hair chemically strips the natural pigment in your cuticle out, so yes it will. After bleaching, there is nothing that you can do to get your hair it's original color. Basically the only thing you can do to get it back is to color it a shade similar orrr cutt off all of the bleach and start over, which no one wants to do! Best of luck and happy hair colouring!

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    Lightening hair (bleaching) takes the natural pigment out of your hair. You will get your natural color back, but it won't happen until all your hair grows out. You will see your hair regrowth line. it will be a very distinct line from red(roots) to purple (mid shaftt and ends)

    Source(s): Licensed Cosmetologist for 3 years!
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    Hey I used to be Blonde like almost platinum. Ive dyed my hair and bleached it at least 5 times. My hair is now a darkish shade of brown. Yes you will prob destroy your natural hair color.

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    I think this is kind a secret. My beard used to have half dark brown and some red hairs on it... I made an experience and dyed the beard about 10 times... now, half of it are light blond and the rest dark brown... kinda a half mutated for ever.

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    When that dye hair gets in your scalp it will last forever because that hair dye is in your scalp

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