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Are there any glues that are safe to use on skin?


So I'm a 14 year old girl. I'm not trying to sound stuck up, but I have a pretty face and nice body. The only problem? My ears. DON'T say "accept them" or "that's how god made you" because you don't know what it feels like to have something stop you from being pretty that's easily fixed. My ears are horrendous. They are protruding ears, but honestly among the worst I've seen. They even curve at the top, stick almost straight out, and are a weird shape. I'm not exxaggerating..not posting a pic but even my friends/fam admit there anyway, for a long time I glued them to my head with superglue. I know it's unsafe but I didn't know and I was tired of feeling ugly. My mom looked into surgery but it's way too expensive. So I'm wondering if there are any glues that hold but are safe to use on skin? Thanks.

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    Yes, there are glues that are safe for skin. Lash glue, for example, is made to be safe for your skin. I doubt that it would be strong enough to hold ears back though. Everyone has something about them that they don't like, ears are a pretty minor problem in comparison to what some people deal with. Eventually you may be able to afford the surgery, but for now, just embrace what you have and try not to spend time worrying about it.

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