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Proof of Perfection(God) in the universe and beyond it?

Proof of perfection (God):

The world being in the exact spot it is, to create a day and night system that corresponds with whats in the earth.

This can be seen through the sleep cycle, Why is that darkness gives us a hormone to induce sleep?

This is too corporately planned, There is perfection in things that earn it.


Imperfection exists for us to understand a "love" of perfection which is greater to me than only perfection.

It is greater because of understanding the choice of two, to feel the sunshine after feeling the distress of the rain. Without the distress, there is to understanding of love and even if we always feel love, there is no understanding of the depth of love.


Without imperfection, we cant choose, we just know. And that is amazing to always feel happy. But with the sides of imperfect and perfect we have an understanding of love of perfection through living through an understanding of imperfection.

An understanding of imperfection, makes us feel more alive, this is because the depth of perfection enables us to enjoy being alive .

Imperfections in things doesn't make it perfectly imperfect.

because imperfections are not a total failure.

God is perfection.

Your thoughts please?

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    The very existence of God is based on a belief system. Believing what you cannot see but know for a fact.

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    Could a Perfect Creature Lose Perfection?

    The perfection granted by God to his intelligent creatures is relative. Although created perfect, Adam needed to respect the physical limits imposed upon him by his Creator. For example, he could not eat dirt, gravel, or wood without suffering the consequences. If he had ignored the law of gravity and jumped from a high cliff, he would have died or been severely injured.

    Likewise, no perfect creature—human or angelic—can go beyond the moral boundaries set by God without exposing himself to ill effects. Thus, when an intelligent creature misuses his free will, he easily falls into error and sin.—Genesis 1:29; Matthew 4:4.

    Source(s): www.jw.org
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    Perhaps all that exists happen just because of the roll of the dice, everything landed on the squares in the universes game that allowed life to happen with no plan, no guidance and no oversight by anything. Sometime stuff just happens.

    Circular Logic never solved anything.

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    No. You have only provided proof that life evolved according to the conditions on this planet.

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    Amazing. I completely agree! I think this was very deep and smart. Really, really love it.

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