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I turned my crush down for sex?

me and my crush have known each other for ever bc our parents are best friends. he lives an hour away in boston but has a summer house in my town so our families always hang out in the summer. last summer he tried to get me to hook up but i got uncomfortable and angry and stormed out. he hasnt talked to me since. and it was A YEAR AGO. last weekend they came over and he said hi to me in a friendly tone which was nice. i really like him and his birthday is tomorrow. we are goujg to his house on sunday and i want to give him a birthday *******. and im not trying to be a slut bc i literally like him a lot and he likes me but its just awkward bc of last year that we never talk. so i also want to fix our friendship. what do i do?

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    Assuming you are both virgins or that at least you are and you don't want to have intercourse YET, just take him aside and tell him you are a virgin and want to remain that way for a while longer. THEN say that you REALLY like him and that h er really turns you on which leaves you frustrated and confused.

    THEN tell him that you are not pushing yourself on him but you want him to know that you are SO ATTRACTED to him that you are prepared to share some sexual feelings with him but NOT actual intercourse. When he asks what you mean, TAKE HIM SOMEWHERE PRIVATE AND remove his clothing slowly. Get him on the bed and undress him slowly. Kiss his mouth, neck, chest and work all the way down to his penis. When you reach there, lick only the tip (head) of his penis and suck on just the tip. Why? Because that is one of the most sensitive spots on a man. As you are doing this, run your hand down and GENTLY massage his balls. He should be squirming all over in 60 seconds. THEN start taking more and more of his penis into your mouth with each stroke.

    Keep licking the tip when you come up from each stroke. When he reaches an orgasm and ejaculates, take all of it into your mouth while he is blowing his load. Once he finishes you can decide then if you want to spit it all out or swallow. Either way, you have really satisfied a real man whom you love and have still remained a virgin. Good luck.

    I hope this answers your question and that this is your best answer.

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    A slut is a girl who sleeps with a lot of guys. Why do you kids keep making up new definitions for the word.

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    Just talk to him and say I am sorry I was just nervous... Just be your self! He will be friendly!!!

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    talk to hm

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