is there anything i can do to get my girlfriends cousin to like me again?

my girlfriends lives with her cousin and sometimes goes with her mom the point is shes mostly with her cousin and if i ever wanna see her she has to ask her cousin and her cousin will let me come over or either will just go to the movie together or so on and well for the first time ever i asked if she could come over to my house instead of me going over and she asked her cousin and she said maybe ill think about and that normally is a yes but just another time so i was happy to know she would be coming over but im stupid and one day decided to talk to my girlfriend about having sex i just asked if shes ever had it and she said no and i said well i would wanna do it with you some time and we had a full on conversation about having sex like how it be where at all that really no need to get into details but her cousin read all of those text we had now the cousin wont let me ever go out with her and wont let me go over for a while there was a loop whole i guess you could say when she would go to her moms i was able to still see her tell eventually the cousin told the mom now i cant see her and i can tell this is ruining our relationship never being able to see each other and i was just wondering if there was anything i could do or should do and also as extra info her cousins always kinda hated me since i got with her so this has only made that worse but still what can i do

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  • 7 years ago
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    How old are you two? That would help a lot in answering .

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