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I'm scared to break up with my boyfriend?

I've been going out with my boyfriend for around 3 months and it's the second time we've gone out. Last time I broke up with him it ended really badly ... he was really upset and his friends started attacking me saying how much they hated me and how could I have done this to him. They made me miserae. After about a month we started going out again, and it was fun! But now I'm really starting to go off him again, this relationship wasn't meant to be. He's very clingy and needy ... I really can't deal with someone like that. I'm absolutely terrifyed to break up with him because I know it will break his heart and I'm scared of his friends ... what should I do? Please help :(

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    You need to call kit a day with the guy.Unfortunately people dont understand much when its their friend.They really dont understand.You shouldnt stay with him.He is emotionally oversensitive.If you just end it politely.Just tell him politely you dont want to be with him any more and leave it at that.Dont say any more.If his friends cause you any trouble then get a parent to speak to them.I doubt that they'll cause you any trouble.If they were to cause trouble then you just call the police to intervene.I doubt that you'll need to do that.

    Its not good to be stuck in a bad relationship.Thats emotional blackmail.Dont put up with it.

    I suggest you read up on these 2 books that will help you in your life:

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    First you have to tell him that you're suffocating and make him understand that it wasn't love

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