My xbox 360 deleted everything on my console?

I was trying to play games earlier today but they kept on freezing at the main menu, trying to find installed content, so i turned it off. a little later, 3-4 hours, i came back and turned on my xbox. It took awhile to boot up but when i came back my background was gone and i was signed out. I tried signing back in but my profile was no longer there so i checked the storage. it said 50.1 GB's free, which is where i left it, but there was nothing in there when i clicked on it. No games, profiles,m etc. I tried downloading my profile three times but it said i could not at this time. Also, i had already cleared the cache twice. Any ideas why I'm being gang raped by Microsoft?

1 Answer

  • 7 years ago

    Obviously your xbox mad with you tough luck

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