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What attracts girls to certain guys?

Is it how he dresses? I mean obviously clean hair, and looks presentable. Though, do they care what fashion

/style a guy has, or just as long as he looks clean. Basically, what attracts girls to certain guys?

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    Every girl has certain things she's attracted to about looks (hair and eye colour, body type, etc). It varies from person to person.

    Past the actual looks you can't control, hygiene is important! Most people aren't attracted to greasy guys who wear dirty clothes. Also confidence and presence help. Some girls are attracted to the quiet guy who stands in the corner, while other girls like the loud, popular guy who acts like he can get whatever girl he wants because he's that hott.

    Fashion in itself isn't as important, but it ties everything together. Just stick with your own style and wear it well (clean clothes that fit an you're comfortable in). Dress for whatever the occasion requires: wearing a tux to the mall just makes you look out of place.

    Hope this helps you!!

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    7 years ago

    The problem for most of us men is confidence and if you have that, no matter whether you like Star Trek or ponies. You can make women want you.. I use this personally but that is just me..

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    Appearance, yes to a point. Personality is the other half along with personal preference. Always looking presentable is good. My boyfriend always does, but he doesn't have to try much. I love him for both his inside and outside. So I suggest dress nicely in clean clothes and have clean hair. It is a must to smell good, do not overdo the cologne and whatever you do don't wear axe. Big thing is let your personality shine and exert confidence. Hope this helps.

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    Its all body language. My friend Josh explains it in this video.

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