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we love each other but why does she do this to me ?

every time i go round her house i turn up and the bottom of her building waiting for her to come down to bring me up, i set my bike to the side and she gives me a joking dirty look, then says can you go home now, and ive only just got through the door. she walks up the stairs and laughs to herself....... we end up layed together holding hands close to our faces and all of a sudden she hits me in the face , not hard but hard enough for me to put my hand on it and say OUCH... she laughs, then about half an hour before i leave, she keeps saying i dont care to every question i bring up and we just dont speak... then she laughs everytime she does these thing... what does this even mean ? im confused ?

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    U should be lol shes tryin to dominate. Only way u win tht battle by tlkin to another female

  • 7 years ago

    Its normal bro,, girls are crazy,, i've been through the same thing and we getting married next month.. God knows what will happen to me

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    7 years ago

    It means she doesn't love you.

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