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NY auto window tint HELP?

Hi, I'm little bit confused about NY auto window tinting law.

They said and i search it says they allow 70% front and back window tint and any dark in rear.

SO I went to auto shop and did my window tint last week. The Auto shop Mgr told me that most of his client do 35% front 20% back and rear and or 35% all around never had a problem. SO I play safe I did 50% on my front window which is lighter and I did 35% on my back and rear. Sometime's I'm a little bit paranoid(haha) if my tint was Okay if its safe? ANd I dont want to have any violation tickets. PLS HELP (I have 2011 civic sedan) Thanks guys

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    I think you did the right thing because the 70% means you are allowing 70% of the light to go through the glass which is virtually clear.

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