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We found an adult bird (a pigeon) who can't or wont fly; what should we do?

He has no apparent injuries (I checked both wings and all flight feathers are present, and he'll walk and flap his wings without acting like it's painful). But he's far too comfortable being approached and picked up/touched by people. We moved him from the street to the greenbelt behind my house (I'd keep him in the yard, but we have a dog). He's hidden in a bush out there, and people generally keep their dogs on leashes, but I'm afraid a cat or something will get him.

Since he doesn't seem hurt, just unwilling to fly, I don't know if taking him to the vet or contacting a wildlife facility is the right thing to do. Any suggestions?


TrackGirl: It's obviously not an old bird. If I had to place it's age (growing up with aviaries) I'd place it as young but fully grown. It's colors and eyes are bright and it's very responsive, just not flying.

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    Let it be its most likely very old and needs to go through the circle of life and no im not an animal hater im going to go to college to be a vet

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