why jobs don't allow piercings/tattoos?

Really what is the big deal if you have a piercing on your lip or a tattoo of your name on your arm or neck..that is basically really stupid when they need a service, and if a job refuses you van you sue them for discrimination?? Please come at me with a straight forward answer please im dying to know the truth to all this madness

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    7 years ago
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    It's just a matter of professionalism. Let's say we were to take a survey: we take 50 people and place them in front of 2 hotdog stands and tell them to go one at a time. One man doesnt have tats, the other is inked neck to toe. I guarantee you 99% of those people will go to the non tattooed gentlemen. It's ridiculous, but we're seen as "scary" and "different" by most of society. That's why I chose to be a tattoo artist, I can be inked as much as I want and it doesn't matter! However, tattoos are being more and more accepted. Basically anywhere will hire you now, as long as you can cover up. My girlfriends a nurse and has full sleeves, so it's getting better! Employers just don't want their customers or patients intimidated by the "weird tattooed people" haha.

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    7 years ago

    on another note, some customer or client or patient or whoever could get offended by someone's tatt as well. You never know, something as silly as a rival sports team fan could not like you because maybe they like a different team.

    also tattoos generally are associated with people in gangs or groups like bikers and such where doing 'bad' things is ok. PLZ don't get me wrong, my husband has a tatt and I like guys in general with tats. But there is still a huge population that would just prefer people to look a little more 'clean'.

    As for piercings, it's kinda the same thing. how would one define what is ok and what isn't when talking about 1 or 2 piercings vs 20. I have to admit the people with a ton of tats and piercings mine be a bit intimidating, but I'm sure they are or can be just as nice as the little old lady next door.

    I'd say it's the same part of our brain that tells us when we see a very tall person "I wonder If they play basket ball" ....

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    Personally, to me, that's a lie. I see people at their jobs with tattoos all over their arms like it's nothing. When I was younger, I was told it's not right to have tattoos around when you are trying to get a job. You would have to make a good impression when you are talking to the Manager. So pretty much, that rule applies. but again, I think it's a lie

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    7 years ago

    It doesn't look professional. Sometimes, It could give someone the wrong idea about you when you're working..

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