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what style has the strongest punch in martial arts?

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    Styles don't punch. If you can prove that a style punches, please let me know. all my life I have been under the belief that people punch, not styles.


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    There is no best, most effective, deadliest, or best suited Martial Art. All of the traditional Styles of Martial Arts, when taught by a competent instructor, are a complete style. That means they contain all aspects of combat from striking to throws to grappling and everything in between. I say traditional because there is a difference between a school that is sport oriented and one that teaches the true art. Contrary to popular belief anyone can be effective in any style with the right instruction, regardless of body shape or size. It is much more important to have quality instruction and be dedicated than what the particular style is. Chose between instructors not styles. One word of caution, MOST Tae Kwon Do schools are nothing but the Olympic Sport, while better than nothing most of what they teach even in a great school is useless outside of their touriments. ATA schools should be avoided above ALL. If you can find one of the rare traditional style schools like Chung Do Kwan, Jidokwan, etc and it is run by someone competent then it is as good a choice as any. There are Mcdojos/McDojangs in every style, there are also sport classes in every style. Key warning signs to avoid. 1) Black belt or leadership clubs 2) long term Contracts especially if there is no clause allowing you early termination due to health or job reasons 3) Guarantee of any rank in a set amount of time. 4) 10 or 12 year old Full Black Belts 5) If you are required to test at certain intervals, or are required to test at every scheduled test. The more of these that fit the better the chance it is a money scam. Also consider that not all styles are offered everywhere. Most classes will allow you to take a class or two free. Find out what is offered in your area and check them out. Remember chose between the instructors based on their ability and their ability to teach. Just being a great Martial Artist doesn't make you a great teacher. Edit: MMA isn't a Martial Art, it is a Martial Sport that a practitioner of any style can compete in.

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    There is a great similarity in punches among many styles, the uppercut for example can be found in Shotokan, Boxing, Wing Chun e.t.c the hook punch the same. There are small differences of course.... in Shotokan for example there is a rotation of the fist at the end of the movement from a certain distance of the straight punch.

    Some of the main differences that you see in many styles are at the very beginner levels, where some styles tend to build their way up, with long stances e.t.c that they take their use on movement later on but you may be surprised on how similar are the strikes in so many styles after a while practicing.

    Is difficult to say theoretically which punch is the strongest and why because the theory will be easily to be counter with another type of punch of another practitioner that will not have the same characteristics and training that the theory was based on.

    For example someone can easily say about turning and adding body weight with great body mechanics, momentum and spirit for a great punch with explosive weights training plus skin rope, running, heavy bag and full contact sparring training e.t.c and that is a very logical and realistic case but then somebody can have a great punch just with an one-inch punch with fists conditioning on a wall bag filled with rise type of training plus wooden dummy and doing forms training e.t.c.

    Even in a scientific measurement will be difficult to see, since the conditioned fists will have differentiations in the type of the effect in comparison with the full body weight punch of a bodybuilder for example.

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    Every style has it own method to strenghten the body parts, I don't say it is about style but I prefer said it as basic training that a fighter used to developed their punch power. As if I could remember I have had read about secret training in Shaolin that build deadly punch which is trained by hitting big rock until the knuckle become broke and than give it a rest until the knuckle heal itself and than the monk repeated to hit the rock over and over for years but the weakness is the part of hand only could be used to punch because of the training, In the movie titled "fighter in the wind" that tell the story about Masutatsu Oyama the founder of Kyokushinkaikan he was describe train his whole body to become strong including his hand by hitting rocks (not brick) as well until it could break I don't know whether it is true or not. Bruce Lee trained his one inch punch by doing physical training you could see in youtube about the demonstration.

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    I'd put my money on a Boxer. Not because I believe it's better technique but punching is what they spend ALL their time practicing. With that kind of commitment it's hard to see the most powerful punch coming from anyone but a Boxer.

    Not to say it couldn't happen but it would take some seriously freakish natural talent to rise above that kind of specialised talent pool.

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    Styles don't vary in the strength on the punches. If you are weak it doesn't matter the style your punch will be weak. If you want a strong punch workout and make sure to step in to it and twist your core.

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    There is not one. For power boxing, but if you want technique look to kyokashin karate or muy Thai kickboxing (has punches too) pretty much self defense is really good because if somebody throws a punch unless the are trained they will leave there jaw exposed allowing for a easy counter.

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    I'm going to be very honest, Boxing. It is all punches. Boxers have been known to punch faster the snakes can strike, and harder then a car travelling 50mph.

    Source(s): Experience In Tkd, boxing, Kick boxing, MMA, BJJ, varsity wrestling, Krav maga, Kung fu, and keysi fighting method.
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    It's the martial artist that has the weakness/strength/power.

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    The one with the strongest person.

    - Simple as that

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