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i dont understand these persian cats?

i recently took a part time job as a cat nanny for 2 persian cats (sisters, 1 and half yrs old) one is extremely peaceful but the other is the complete OPPOSITE!

1) she keeps meowing/moaning/growling and making some sound (sounds like humans when blowing out air) and roaming about,scratching the door, sometimes she'll to me surround me and meow directly in my face, sticking out her tongue but when i reach for her she'll stiffen and or draw back

2)i took them out for a walk on a leash and immediately i stepped outside they both ran WILD, i was soo terrified, they tried almost violently to wrench free of the leash, tried to put as much resistance as possible they were both uncontrollable, climbed and tangled the rope with a tree, i was almost overpowered by them, the naughty one actually bit me so hard i felt her teeth in my fingers for a split second and it bled alot i literally had to drag them back inside. i aslo had to fling my phone cos i had to focus.

I think they were trying to escape cos frankly i don't understand their behaviour at all.

3) how often am i supposed to feed them


1)I feed them well -always put food

2)I really want to nanny them, i just want it easier so please no answers like just take them back and besides their owner has travelled

pls can you help me explain

1)possible reasons why she can be meowing and possible solutions

2)the meowing directly in my face and sniffing my fingers

3)possible reasons why they behaved the way they did when i took them out

4)they 'like' being out according to their owners but is it compulsory/necessary to walk them daily

5) I often cage the naughty one to sleep i.e she sleeps in pet carrier cos she gives me SOOOOO much stress,has me up for hours and frankly she scares me sometimes

I NEED YOUR HELP, no knowledge is too little


Thank you for your time!

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    Did the owner TELL YOU to take them outdoors? The reason they acted like they did is because they probably has never been outside before. Cats don't need to be walked like dogs do and you're lucky they didn't escape.

    Are both cats altered? The one sounds like she's in heat.

    Why are you caging the cat? Do you really have that little experience with cats that you think they need a "time out" in a cage? Please give up this job and do something you actually KNOW.

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