Will the United States survive?

i am currently an 18 year old teenager who is going to be starting college in the fall. I recently read a few depressing articles earlier that said how America is slowly but surely turning into a third world country. It addressed topics such as poverty, national debt, rising taxes, unemployment, etc. It also said that America is turning into a police state, due to the recent arrests, especially with that guy in texas who posted that facebook status about shooting up a school. This has all got me very worried, as I love my country and can't stand to see it and its people being destroyed by a corrupt government. Some other news that depressed me was the news from the middle east about how our president is supporting terrorism. Also, i read about how other countries such as the UK and Canada are doing better jobs of taking care of their citizens, in the forms of free, better health care, education that doesn't put their students into humungous amounts of debt and other better living conditions. Their governments are also alot less corrupt and does not watch their citizens like ours does. *cough*NSA*cough* so anyway, because of all this i looked into how i could move to a different country. What i found wasn't very heartening; apparently, its incredibly hard to become a citizen of another country, and the most i'd be able to do is maybe get a work visa to work in canada has a low class person. So moving is out of the question. another possible solution of mine is to move to Taiwan, as my mother is a Taiwanese citizen, so that could maybe open up some doors for me on becoming a legitimate Taiwanese citizen. However, even then i do not know if i will truly become a full taiwanese citizen. therefore, i want to ask, will my beautiful country survive? I've read some optimistic articles on how the US will pull through and how the economy is slowly getting better, but then there are also a bunch of other articles that saw the US is failing and turning into a 3rd world country. Is this true? will my country truly fall? if it does, i will surely be a very depressed man in th e years to come.

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    if we stop voting for liberals..

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    You have nothing to worry about. Our global economy has reached a state or position that we have not seen before, so there are learning curves to the situation at hand. The people of the nations are really the ones in charge and can change anything over time if they require to do so. Yes, the USA has some minor situations for the short term but that doesn't mean everybody world wide will stop working and living they way we live today. There are always two sides to one picture of a situation, the USA and the world relied on the future value of money too much and now it tricked, similar to the 1930's but now the problems are slightly different, so we may learn new methods to improve our economies. Keep in mind the recession is world wide, so you might as well stick in the USA. Regarding moving away, it wouldn't be a bad idea to work somewhere else to gain experience, and I am sure Canada will treat you as equal to other citizens that work here. But my advice to you, is to gain as much schooling as you can and network yourself, because when the economy improves, hope you will be finished school. I live in Canada and work in international business and finance, my parents were immigrants to Canada from Greek decent, they made it well in Canada, and so can you .

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    5 years ago

    Texas would be easier pickins for Latin-America, particularly Mexico, than it was in 1836 when the Mexican Army was defeated by Sam Houston at San Jacinto. I don't think things would go as easy for Texas this time! Of course, Texas would probably get a lot of volunteers and mercenaries from other states now as it did then. However, Mexico too might get a lot more alliance from all over Latin America! Why would Texas secede in the first place, making itself more vulnerable to potential enemies? I think the real question is "could Texas survive without the U.S.?" I think there's a greater chance that the U.S. could survive without Texas than vice-versa.

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    I do not believe the US will survive in its current form. I cannot prdict when the fall will come, but it is inevitable. Once you have more than 50% of the citizens unwilling to work and drawing assistance, then the 50% paying for it all will move to stop it. The only hope the US has is if we quickly, say in 2014, vote out all the liberal/prgressive/statists and replace them with true constitutionalists, then maybe things can be turned around. But I hav eno hope that will happen.

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  • 7 years ago

    I'm from Europe & Stop voting for the left wing seriously

    The goal of socialism is communism the EU started off as socialists regulating the markets but since EU member sates have collapsed economically there only option is turn Europe into the new USSR by creating the United States of Europe! The EU have stole out of Cypriots bank accounts & removed Greece's & Italy's elected prime ministers & replace them with unelected eurocrats ! The left wing is totalitarian don't vote for the left!! America can be saved if you don't vote for Liberals & socialists a liberal is a socialist!!

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    Of course America will survive, at least for your lifetime and probably your kids and grand-kids.

    When you go to college demand you are taught philosophy and history, you'll probably have to read allot on your own.

    The demise we have experienced so far has taken several decades and now that things are getting serious our system will slow it down. Whether we completely collapse or things actually get better again will depend on how much the citizens of our country get involved in the business of the country or if they continue being oblivious to their duties of being part of the greatest experiment on earth, living free to govern themselves.

    Source(s): “The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men”, Plato (428 BC-348 BC)
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    7 years ago

    stop listening to the Faux news and "sky is falling" nonsense

    America wil do just fine. other countries will also prosper

    learn history of the world, Western European and American History and some economics

    it is YOUR job to grow and learn and make things better. thank whatever god you pray to for the sacrifices and hard work of your parents and grandparents. If America had not won WW II you would be a slave in a Nazi mine or factory, IF you lived.

    Source(s): half dozen dozen years old. seen a lot more than you have. things could be a WHOLE lot worse
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    I'm not sure. I'm scared for the future of our country. It seems that all nations go through certain periods. We always tend to follow in Great Britain's footsteps. And Great Britain looks like a pile of garbage right now.

  • 7 years ago

    Every empire and every kingdom throughout the earth's history has fallen. The U.S. is an empire, and will eventually fail, its just history repeating itself.

  • 7 years ago

    Absolutely. Your analysis makes it obvious that you're just another whiny, querulous conservative pretending to be concerned.

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    ("Will the United States survive?")


    Things are way more serious than you and most others know. Edward Snowden and NSA PRISM spying is child's play compared to what the United States Government is into. The United States Government is in possession of a classified exotic technology like no other technology before it. They are using this exotic technology to conduct illegal, unethical, and non-consensual human experiments on 1000s of Americans and on 1000s of others around the world. The effects of this non-conventional technology upon the human body and on other material objects is absolutely remarkable and unprecedented. Some of the effects from these horrific experiments on the human body literally rival those of the Nazis Holocaust. I kid you not, that is no exaggeration. Many victims of these horrendous experiments have turned to suicide just to bring the abuse to an end. These are not empty claims. There exist good circumstantial evidence, many 100s of victim testimonies, hard evidence, and paper trails leading to a single governmental agency who knows what the deal is concerning these experiments -- the Veterans Administration. This is likely the main reason the United States Government wants Edward Snowden so badly. They don' t know just what classified files he has. If these illegal human experiments should happen to become public and world wide knowledge, this would be very, very embarrassing for the United States Government. Clearly, this is likely why they want to silence Snowden as quickly as possible.

    See: NSA leaker offers stark prediction for U.S.

    Snowden: U.S. 'not going to be able to cover this up by jailing or murdering me'


    See: Assange: 'What does the law mean if there are secret interpretations in secret courts?'


    See: Secret court OKs continued US phone and Internet Surveillance


    See: Edward Snowden: U.S. Government Will Say 'I've Aided Our Enemies (video)


    See: Report: Snowden says he gave no info to Russians


    See: Snowden documents could be 'worst nightmare' for U.S. ...


    See: U.S. to Russia: Turn over Snowden or risk 'long-term problems'


    Who is the real criminal here?

    The United States Government should immediately cease conducting these world wide unlawful human experiments, they should stop NSA unconstitutional surveillance programs, and they should pardon Edward Snowden of any wrong doing concerning exposing PRISM.

    See: Tell Congress to ACT NOW to END the Surveillance State


    See: Prometheus Among the Cannibals: A Letter to Edward Snowden


    See: We need transparency on domestic surveillance



    Petition to Pardon Edward Snowden to Receive White House Response signatures have exceeded 100,000 and still climbing.

    Best regards

    Source(s): self
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