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Brunette going Blonde?

I've never dyed my hair and i'm a natural brunette. This Thursday I am going blonde, but I also have a party to go to after, its a cookout and some will be swimming, will it be bad to swim? what would it do? and also, when my roots start growing in how bad will it look, and how soon will they come in? i'm a little nervous.. it's a big change. One more thing, i'm wanting my hair to grow longer and I don't have split ends bad, will they still have to trim it?

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    Maybe you should wait until after the party but If the pool has chemicals in it and if you do dye your hair then take these precautions: (1) completely saturate your hair in clean water before you get in the pool (your hair is like a sponge and you'd rather have it soak up clean water than chemical water). (2) As you get in and out of the pool, keep your hair rinsed to keep the chemicals from soaking into your hair. (3) shampoo your hair as soon as possible when you're done swimming. You might want to give your hair a break for about a week or two after all the dying and chemicals.

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    Swimming is NOT a good idea, trust me I learned that from personal experience. The dye will fade and might even completely wash off. And when your roots start to show sometimes if you can pull it off it looks really cool! If not it doesn't look that bad just don't wait too long before you touch up the roots. As for the split ends they don't necessarily have to cut them, but I would recommend you cut anything that's not healthy because dying you're hair dries it out and will cause them to get worse and especially when going blonde from brown it dries your hair quite a bit :D don't be nervous if you go to a hair dresser everything should go well but avoid water :$

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    You'll still have to trim it as it grows. And if the water is chlorine I wouldn't recommend swimming. It'd probably alter the color and make it really dry. Considering you're having to bleach your hair to go blonde. Your hair grows a half an inch a month so your roots will show in about that long. It won't look horrible but you'll wanna get it touched up. Or do it yourself with an at home kit

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    it depends like if your just dying it then you can go in the water but if your bleaching it them don't i did it once and let me tell you that was a huge mistake( my hair felt and looked so dry that i had to die it black the same day ) . trust me when your roots starts to grow it wont look as bad as you think , and you can always get the roots touched- up so dont worry about it too much. also if your hair is healthy now its still gonna look healthy once you die it , and you can trim it a little bit if you want , its always good to trim your hair when dying it .make sure after you die your hair keep on deep condtion your hair so that your hair stays healthy:)

    i really hope that you find this helpful :)

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