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why america still support and defend capitalism?

i find that capitalism is failing as a political system world wide and in america yet I wonder why americans still support and defend it? For example the rich continues to stay rich and become even more richer and those who are born poor stay poor and even if they did good in their education they get a profession and work very hard their *** off for little money with no protection at all. For example all other countries of the world have better social political system and social protection like free medical and once you got a job your employer cannot easily fire you. However in united states there is no work contracts no social protection. insurance companies using public information to perfect their profit and deny the rights of others. you have a contract at-WILL!!!! this is only in united states. there is no one secured in their job in united states? why is this? why americans are so stupid to go and fight Islam ( which provides another alternative) or communism?

This is very savage capitalism those who are rich control politics of the united states and own mass media and brainwahs the ignorant masses? Yet americans still support this political system? why the people don't start a revolution in united states to change this?

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    The rich have a lot of money to throw at the message of how great and infallible capitalism is

    Koch Brothers for example

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    1. Capitalism is a economic strategy and belief, that many politicians believe in , not a political system. Democracy, Communism, and Royalty are political systems.

    2. If you work hard all you life do you really believe the government has the right to spread your hard earned money to people who do not want to work for a living?

    As for some of your other rants, unqualified workers who get to keep their jobs for not working or doing a poor job, produces garbage. If left alone from the governments, the work force will find its own level of profit to cost ratio and be productive. When told what to do, most companies loss money or have to be supported by the same government that tinkers with them.

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    “I can’t think of another presidential candidate in history who has ever tried to win the presidency by running against capitalism.” So said Rush Limbaugh of President Obama last week. Asked for a response during a Fox News interview, Governor Mitt Romney said, “There’s no question but that [Obama is] attacking capitalism.” Romney has also described the Obama presidency as a “debt-and-spending inferno.”

    This is overheated election-year nonsense. President Obama is pushing back at the Romney claim that leadership at private-equity firm Bain Capital has taught him how jobs are created, and that a President’s stewardship of the economy consists mainly of maximizing profits for investors. But he is not arguing against capitalism.

    Nevertheless, many Americans — and not just hardcore conservatives — believe that this President does indeed reject capitalism. And what’s ironic is that Obama himself is largely to blame: the President is not hiding a hatred for capitalism, but he is hiding what is surely a deep respect for its paramount importance.

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    Name one...just one government in the entire 10,000 years of human existance that wasn't a plutocracy within 5 years of it's establishment. Even in the most communistic countries, the wealth transfered and a new wealthy elite emerged with the same benefits as the old. Deal with the fact that humans are naturally greedy and even the best intentions are overshadowed by the greed of those that gain power.

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    In our society, there's no true barrier to keep a poor person from becoming wealthy. True, not all poor people who work hard WILL become wealthy, there's a certain degree of luck and circumstance involved, but there is no true barrier holding them back. In other societies, your economic destiny might be limited by the decree of the government. Ours is a system of freedom, private enterprise, hard work and initiative. In societies without freedom, you can only go as far as the state and the ruling powers allows you to.

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    We don't have anything remotely close to capitalism in America. Not to mention what you describe as "capitalism" is completely backwards

    Try asking again when you actually have something resembling knowledge on the topic. Kid

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